My iPhone 4S

Last month, I was finally eligible for an upgrade to get an iPhone 4S through Sprint. I've had Sprint as my carrier for about 8 years, and I had a Blackberry Curve previously before getting an iPhone 4S.

This is a pic of my iPhone 4S with the Otter Box on it as well as the box it came in.

Towards the end of my time having that Blackberry, I was having problems with the battery as well as certain features loading properly. That's when I knew I was going for something else, and found out I was soon eligible to get that iPhone 4S.

I was able to get the black iPhone 4S for $199 with a two-year contract as the normal price for one is $649. So to say I got a bargain after the eligible upgrade was an understatement.

Of the many features it has, I love being able to text with friends of mine from around the world that also have an iPhone. And I don't get charged for doing so either! That wasn't possible with my Blackberry.

They have many apps you can download for use. Obviously the Pandora and Instagram were a couple of the first apps I downloaded.

Another app I have is the one for Spreaker which allows me to record episodes of my All Funked Up show from my phone.

One of my favorite apps is the one for the Oklahoma Sooners program which is obviously helped by the fact they are my favorite college team. But I love that I can get campus updates as well as sports news and videos from the program.

The picture quality of this iPhone is incredible as well. I've taken plenty of pictures with it and have printed off some which isn't blurred either.

My good friend Maxi told me about Viber which allows you talk and text with others around the world for free. I checked it out and downloaded it after she told me about it.

That's just some of what I love about the iPhone I have. I'm glad I finally have one!



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Sheryl of said...

Congrats on your new phone David. did you vote at The Voice using your sprint phone? :-)

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