2011 Oklahoma Sooners Upper Deck Cards Review

This is a post about 3 months overdue, but here's a review of the 2011 Oklahoma Sooners Upper Deck cards that came out in November 2011. But first, here are some details about the cards:

Card set: 80 regular cards, 20 monumental moments
Box break: 24 packs of eight cards in hobby boxes(192 cards), 10 packs of eight cards in blaster boxes.
1 Autograph insert per hobby box
2 Icon inserts per hobby box
All-Time Alumni and National Champion inserts
NCAA All-American inserts
1 of the 7 Mini national championship replica pennants per blaster box

I used to be an avid collector for many years until I stopped about 10 or so years ago due mainly to finances. But as a lifelong Oklahoma fan, I absolutely had to check this out. So I bought a hobby and blaster box.

Most of the main past and present OU stars and coaches are in the set. Bosworth, Adrian Peterson, Josh Heupel, Lee Roy Selmon, Barry Switzer, Sam Bradford, Steve Owens, and more.

Here are some of the cards I pulled:

This is an autograph of former star Jim Grisham. This is what the base card looks like as well. You get one autograph per hobby box and this was it for me.

This is an Icons insert of Jimbo Elrod. You get two of these per hobby box. The other one I pulled that is not pictured is Rickey Dixon.

Out of the two boxes, I was able to get all the monumental moments cards. These three are my favorites. The White House, Schooner, and marching band cards look great!

These are three All-Time Alumni cards with three stars on each one. Love the QB and RB trios in the first two, and the Selmon brothers in the third!

A 2000 BCS Championship mini pennant pulled out of a blaster box. I can talk all day about this team!

My Review:
The bad: My only complaint(which may or may not have been due to contractual issues) is the number of past stars that are not in the set. This includes OU iconic head coaches Bennie Owen and Bud Wilkinson. Also not included are past stars such as Rod Shoate, Roy Williams, Jack Mildren, and former Heisman Trophy winner Billy Vessels. Wilkinson was the biggest miss to me.

The good: Upper Deck did a great job in providing cards of past OU legends and bringing back history and memories for every Sooners fan like myself. There's a little something for all Sooners and college fans in the boxes. The hobby boxes are affordable at $50 as are the blaster boxes at $20.

Overall: While I was a little disappointed in some stars missing from the set, I think Upper Deck has tapped into a niche market for college sports fans. And it's about time. They are affordable and if you're a fan of the Sooners, you'll like how Upper Deck made us proud of Oklahoma. Past stars, moments, history, and memories are all there. Even non-Sooners fans will appreciate this.

I would give the overall concept a 4 and a half stars out of five. The concept to target the audience of college fans outweighs certain omissions of stars from the set.

Other colleges that Upper Deck has made sets for include Texas Longhorns football and UNC basketball. Since Upper Deck has an exclusive agreement with the Collegiate Licensing Company, you can bet that more college programs will be produced.

You can check out the Upper Deck store to buy Oklahoma trading cards.



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