WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2011

The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony takes place on Saturday, April 2 from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA. It is the night before WrestleMania XXVII.

This year's class features legends that graced the squared circle in the WWE and other promotions, too. Two of the legends being inducted are ones that I've followed ever since I was a kid living in Midwest City, OK watching Mid-South Wrestling which later became the UWF(Universal Wrestling Federation). My dad used to take me and my younger brother to wrestling events at the Oklahoma City Myriad to watch Mid-South/UWF events and when the NWA took them over, too. I had moved away from OK around that time, but always had fond memories of those days as a kid.

Anyway, on with those list of legends that are going to be inducted into this year's class of the WWE Hall of Fame.....

"The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels
Inducted in by TBD

Michaels is one of the guys I was referring to in his Mid-South days. It was hard to imagine then that he would be the Showstopper and Mr. WrestleMania like he became, but he worked long and hard to get to that point. Nonetheless, you can't make mention of the best WrestleMania matches ever without putting him into the discussion. He had two classics with the Undertaker, 60-minute Iron Man match with Bret Hart, and so many more. He's as deserving as it gets for the Hall of Fame. If I was a betting man, I think that Triple H will be the one to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Legion of Doom/Road Warriors Hawk & Animal w/Paul Ellering
Inducted in by TBA

When the NWA bought out the UWF, it wasn't long after that they came to OKC on their Great American Bash tour in 1987-88. That night, a scaffold match took place with the Road Warriors w/Paul Ellering taking on the Midnight Express w/Jim Cornette. What a sight it was to see a match like this take place. I had only seen them on TV before, and they were just awesome to see in person. As their characters are based on the Mad Max films, they were the dominant tag team everybody wanted to see. That Doomsday Device finisher was literally a killer move(at least it looked that way). To me, they set the standard as the dominant and most recognizable tag team in wrestling history. Ellering had feuds with likes of Jesse Ventura and Jerry Lawler before severely injuring his knee forcing his retirement from wrestling. He became the manager of LOD both in and out of the ring managing their bookings as well as expenses, too. All three finally get their long-awaited induction in Atlanta this year. As the late Road Warrior Hawk always said, "OH! WHAT A RUSH!!!!"

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
Inducted in by the "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase

Duggan is the other Mid-South great that I saw in person in those days. It's only fitting that DiBiase is inducting him since he was a long-time great that I did see many times in the 80s as a kid long before he became the Million Dollar Man. Duggan was the proud American that carried a 2x4 and was the last North American Champion in Mid-South Wrestling before they became the UWF, too. He used to refer to others in promos as "tough guy". I vividly remember watching the first ever Royal Rumble match in which he won after eliminating the One Man Gang(another long-time in-ring enemy from the Mid-South). He had a feud with Andre The Giant along the way and later won titles in WCW. He's still active even after being in the business for over 30 years and is kidney cancer survivor, too. I'm glad he's finally getting in.

Inducted in by TBA

The debate still lingers after all these years if Sunny was indeed the first true diva. I will say that every male fan of wrestling wanted her after she became AOL's most downloaded woman back in the mid-1990s after appearing on the cover of the WWE Raw magazine(pictured above) during a trying time in the promotion. Oh yeah, that cover didn't take very long to sellout since she the pinup girl in the WWF/E at the time. The Last I remember her in WWF/E was when she was managing LOD before she left for ECW and later WCW. The term diva wasn't applied to wrestling females until she came along even though she was mainly used as manager in the WWE. She did happen to win Manager of the Year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated in 1996 as well. Being she was the definition of a sexy diva which is now the common term for female talent in the WWE, she's on her way to the WWE Hall of Fame.

"Bullet" Bob Armstrong
Inducted in by the Armstrong family

For those fans that weren't alive to see Bob in action, then it's very likely you've probably seen one or more of his four sons: Brad, Brian, Scott, and Steve. I did see Brad quite a bit in Mid-South who also wrestled for NWA, WCW, and other indy circuits, too. Brian was more known as the Road Dawg of the famed D-Generation X, Scott is now a WWE referee, and Steve was once a tag team champion in WCW. Anyway, Bob has been associated with the wrestling industry since 1962(No, not a misprint) after he was previously a firefighter in Georgia. Bob was popular in throughout Georgia and eventually trained all of his sons to be wrestlers. It's very fitting that Atlanta is the site for the induction of "Bullet" Bob to the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2011!

Abdullah the Butcher
Inducted in by Terry Funk

I did see Abdullah the Butcher one time when he was with WCW. You knew when you saw him because of the deep scars on his forehead(I'll never forget that) to go along with his massive 400-pound frame. Nonetheless, his matches were always brutal and involved tactics of cheating since he used a fork on his opponents. He and Terry Funk had an intense, brutal feud in Japan that caught the attention of their fans. Their matches were said to have been exceptional to all that watched. Abdullah debuted in wrestling in 1958 at age 15, so he's been associated with the business for over 50 years as well as held many international and regional titles in his career. His long tenure in the business and brutal tactics is plenty enough reasons why he "butchered" his way into the WWE Hall of Fame!

Drew Carey
Inducted in by Bob Barker

Carey is this year's celebrity wing pick after making an appearance at the 2001 Royal Rumble when he eliminated himself when Kane entered the match. The comedian is now known as the person that replaced the legendary Bob Barker on The Price is Right show, and that's who will be inducting him in this year.

Final thoughts
These Hall of Famers always remind me of the days I watched wrestling as a kid. This class has a little something for everyone. Whether you like old school or are a fan of recent generations, there is someone in this class you followed if you watch wrestling. The WWE should have a facility for the Hall of Fame, and I think it would be very well received by fans. I'm glad that I'll be there to see these wrestling legends being inducted in Atlanta this year. Congrats to the 2011 inductees of the WWE Hall of Fame!

Tag From Caroline!

Well, it is nearly time for me to take a vacation when I leave for Atlanta this Thursday. Yesterday, I came across a tag from good blogger friend that lives in Malaysia named Caroline. So she tagged me with this one, and here I am to post this.

1) Do you think you're hot?
If I would have posted this tag last week, my answer would be different than what it will be now. It's freezing outside as well as rainy, so of course I'm not hot right now!

2) Upload a picture or wallpaper that you're using at the moment.

3) Talk about the picture
This is my current profile pic on Facebook and Twitter. That is me in the center obviously. It shows my favorite sports teams as well as some of the places I've been to. In order from left to right: Oklahoma Sooners logo, pic from the 2009 Cotton Bowl in Dallas, TX; JerryVision at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, TX; Chicago Bears logo; flamingos at Dallas World Aquarium; outside Fenway Park; Statue of Liberty; scoreboard at Citizens Bank Ballpark in Philadelphia; Chicago Cubs logo; AT&T Park in San Francisco; Bay Bridge in San Francisco; Chicago Bulls logo featuring Michael Jordan. I plan on making a more updated one soon as well as change my profile pics on FB and Twitter, too.

4) When was the last time you ate chicken meat?
Yesterday. And I'm going to have it again tonight for dinner.

5) The song(s) you listened to recently.
I posted my Music Monday on WBE, and it was Written In The Stars. Check it out.

6) What were you thinking as you were doing this?
I'm thinking of everything that I'm going to be doing while I'm in Atlanta when I leave on Thursday.

7) Do you have nicknames? What are they?
Oh yeah. Mr. D was a name I've heard quite a bit on here. The Funk is one I've had for awhile. Free Agent is one I like since I bought a t-shirt that says that last year. Those are the main ones.

8) Tag 8 blog owners

1. Lainy
2. Dhemz
3. Chuchie
4. Shydub
5. The Stacey Tee
6. Levian
7. Maxi
8. Jenny Blogger

9) Who is your No.1?
That would be Lainy. If you don't know of her by now, then go to her site so that you can. Dig?

10) Say something about No.5
She is The Stacey Tee! This beautiful friend of mine starred in Bionic Blogger last year. Besides that, she's highly intelligent with a great understanding of the English language.

11) How did you get to know No.3
I met Chuchie through common blogger friends, but I believe I specifically met her through Dhemz. I'm not sure on that. But what I do know is Chie is a red-hot, friendly Filipina woman that really made a name for herself along with her hubby Gary in the highly acclaimed Hideaway movie.

12) How about No.4
Same as with Chuchie. I met Shydub through the same common friends. Shydub has an absolutely adorable family and lives in the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania as all of them starred in Blogging With Children mega-hit movie!

13) Leave a message for No.6
Hey Levian! I like the new header you have on your site. I'm hoping to re-release a movie with you as the star on a poster soon, and that it makes you the next blogging superstar actress. Good luck! LOL!

14) Leave a lovey dovey message for No.2

HOLY CRANBERRY BATMAN! What The Funk? Umm...Dhemz is married to Greg, so I'm not going to do this because I know her and Greg will Hit Me for it! I do heart the family and their always adorable and rising star of a daughter named Akesha!

P.S. Dhemz, don't let Greg see this. LOL!

15) Does No.7 and No.8 have any similarities?
Oh yeah, they have many similarities. Obviously, both are women and bloggers. Both are from the Philippines. Both currently live in Sweden living with their boyfriends, but one of them married in October already. Both have been in blogger movies, but only one of them blugs while the other just blogs. LOL!

16) State 5 things you know about No.1

Lainy is a red-hot Filipina, intelligent, creative, huge basketball fan, and is quite possibly the most supportive blogger friend I know. That's not even mentioning that her Double Standard movie was the first to have an official poster under World Blogging Entertainment a Basic Bloganomics film. She was engaged to her boyfriend Scott back in September. She's celebrating her 3rd anniversary of blogging, so do check her site out for that.

17) State the similarity of a goat and cow?
They're both animals and are most of the time synonymous with farms.

18) How did you feel when you answer the above question?
It was comical the question was asked, but oh well.

Well, that's it. The rest of the week will be mostly(if not all) about WrestleMania since I will be there live this Sunday. Thanks for viewing!

Lainy's Musings 3rd Blogoversary: The Gravatar Contest

My Filipino blogging friend Lainy is celebrating her 3rd anniversary of blogging with her 3rd Blogoversary. This year, it is the Gravatar Contest.

It is a simple contest that she's inviting you to join in on. So stop by her blog for details and for the rules so you can join in as well. The contest ends April 20!

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Will Blog For Food Movie!

Note: This is NOT to be taken seriously, and is only for fun. Please check the credits to see the bloggers I listed on the poster. You can click the poster for a better look.

Will Blog For Food
Starring David Funk, Jenny Hansson
Cameo Appearances by Amy Nobillos & Hazel Holbrook
Director/Writer: David Funk
Chief Editor: Mary Anne Velasco
Studio Coordinator: Sarah Wennerholm
Wardrobe: Janeth Bjorlin
Emoticon Design: Mariuca Nor
Music: Viva Pinay
Comment Manager: Chie Wilks

Narrator: After years of work, bad luck began to start catching up to him. A lawsuit for humorous abuse by Amy Nobillos helped to contribute to the decision for David Funk to vacate his blog.

David Funk: Where did it go wrong?! Jeez. And to be sued 462 times for humorous abuse?! Okay, maybe I can sell it, but I'm gonna have to eat eventually. I wonder if I can get hired to blog just so I can eat?!

Narrator: After walking the streets as well as visiting other sites, it seemed nothing was gonna work.

David Funk: It's cold out here waiting to blog again. Damn! I'm hungry.

Narrator: Then it happened. David puts his Basic Bloganomics site up for sale. Surprisingly, one such young woman from Sweden was willing to buy!

Jenny: Hey David! I'm willing to buy!
David: Okay, but I'm not selling it cheap!
Jenny: Okay, my friend. I'm still buying it!

Narrator: You see, Jenny's blog is called The Way I Used To Be. But after buying David's blog, she renamed it...Basic Bloganomics: The Way I Am Now.

David: Well, at least I can eat now! Time to get back on my feet again!

Narrator: Watch this incredible story of one blogger's fall, and his attempt to get back on his feet again. Along the way is his struggles and friendships from those outside his country, too. Will Blog For Food is coming in July in theaters around the world everywhere!

The DVD exclusive will talk about how this movie came to be which was based on a conversation between the two stars on Yahoo! Messenger. Plus, there are reactions from the networks when they first heard of this film and the story of how it came to be. Be sure to pick up the DVD in time for Christmas!

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Collectible Supplies

It's no secret to anyone that has read my blogs that I'm an avid sports fan and memorabilia collector. When I was a kid, I was like many other kids in that I collected baseball cards before getting into other sports cards especially football. I still have a lot of memorabilia from when I was a kid, and there's plenty of stories that I get from just looking at them.

A few years ago, I bought a mini football helmet for my favorite NFL team, the Chicago Bears. Also, I bought one for my favorite college football team, the Oklahoma Sooners. But I haven't bought a mini football helmet display case for any of them. Now I have found a place that sells them.

Where I live, there isn't sports card places around any longer. Like many industries, the economy has put many sports shops out of business. So it's nice to see that a website like this exists so that I can finally protect those mini football helmets.

Not only do that have mini helmets of every NFL team, they have authentic helmets as baseball displays and sports card holders, too. Be sure to checkout Collectible Supplies for their wide selection of sports memorabilia and display cases!

WWE Stars Who Played NCAA Basketball

Since the NCAA Tournament is underway as of now and the WWE's biggest event of the year, WrestleMania, is around the corner, I'm making this post. As all wrestling fans are aware of, many wrestlers were involved in collegiate and/or professional athletics before getting into the business and in WWE. Many of them were amateur wrestling stars(such as Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar) while others starred in American football(such as Ron Simmons).

However, this is a post that is about those current and former WWE stars that played collegiate basketball. Some of those listed didn't play in Division 1-A, but were stars at the university they played for with records being established along the way. Others played at the top level and one of them played in an NCAA Tournament, too. I was able to find a couple of old photos of two former WWE stars in their basketball years along with more recent pics of them. Here are most noteworthy WWE stars that played college basketball before getting involved in wrestling.

Mark Calaway
Growing up in Houston, Texas, Calaway had dreams of playing professional basketball. He went to Aflin College before attending Texas Wesleyan in Fort Worth playing center for the basketball team and majoring in Sports Management. Calaway began his wrestling career at World Class Championship Wrestling in 1988. Later, he signed with World Championship Wrestling before going to the WWE in 1990 in a gimmick that would forever define his career. Even though he's won several titles in the promotion, he's best known for his 18-0 undefeated record at WrestleMania events as The Undertaker! He goes for 19-0 against Triple H at WrestleMania XXVII!

Glen Jacobs
Born in Madrid, Spain, Jacobs attended Quincy University playing basketball before attending Northeast Missouri State University which is now Truman State University. He holds Truman State records for single season field goal percentage at .621 for the 1987-88 and 1988-89 seasons as well as career field goal percentage. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in English and was a substitute teacher briefly before getting into wrestling. He got around with some roles in wrestling until his current gimmick he took in 1997 in the WWE. He became the Big Red Monster known as Kane with a mask, but doesn't wear one now. He would have been a full-time teacher if he wasn't wrestling. I'm quite sure all his students would be well-behaved and not cross him unless you want a chokeslam for doing so!

Paul Wight
Wight was a standout center on the basketball team and tight end for the football team in high school in South Carolina. Wight went on to play basketball for Wichita State and also for NCAA Division II Southern Illinois-Edwardsville in 1992-93. He eventually got a call to perform in World Championship Wrestling, starting there in 1995 as The Giant. He signed with the WWE in 1999 and was the first man to hold the WWE Championship, World Heavyweight Championship, and ECW Championship in a career. He's often compared to Andre The Giant because of his immense size in the ring. He is the World's Largest Athlete known as The Big Show!

Kevin Nash
You know him more for being one of the original founding members of the nWo, but he attended college at Tennessee playing center on the team long before his wrestling career started. He was one of Michigan's top recruits in the same year Earvin "Magic" Johnson signed to play at Michigan State. Nash played professionally in Europe before a knee injury ended his career. After working on the assembly line at Ford Motor Company, Nash entered the wrestling business in 1990 with WCW. He later ended up in the WWE as the bodyguard of the "Heartbreak Kid" as Diesel. His career really took off in 1994 when he became WWF Champion. From there, he founded the nWo, and has held many titles in his career. He's still active as a wrestler in TNA under his real name.

Jonathan Coachman
Long before working for ESPN and being a heel character in WWE, Coachman was a highly recruited basketball prospect from Kansas. He chose to play at McPherson College where he set records in rebounding at the university. Coachman debuted in the WWE(then known as the WWF) in 1999 as a backstage announcer where he was famously made fun of constantly by The Rock. Later in 2003, he made a heel turn where he associated himself with Raw GM Eric Bischoff, and had several run-ins with The Rock as well as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin not long after. In 2008, Coachman left the WWE to take job with ESPN as an anchor which he still currently holds.

Matt Morgan
A star basketball player in high school in Connecticut, Morgan signed to play at Monmouth University in 1995. During his freshman year, his team defeated Ryder University to earn a bid to the NCAA Tournament. He did get into the game in a first round loss to Marquette, but he later transferred to Chaminade in Hawaii to finish his collegiate career. Morgan was introduced to the wrestling business in 2002 after appearing on Tough Enough II and he made his WWE debut in 2003. He was released in 2005 after a second stint with the company before later signing with TNA. He is known in TNA as "The Blueprint" and is currently one of the top stars in the promotion.

All of them listed(with the exception of Coachman) played center at one point in their basketball career. They play very big, strong characters in which they overpower opponents as part of their wrestling gimmicks, too. Imagine having to deal with a front line like that. I wouldn't mind just having them around to commit fouls since I know opponents wouldn't want to mess with them. LOL!

Thanks for viewing!

Undertaker(basketball) pic courtesy of Online World of Wrestling, Kevin Nash(Tennessee Vols) Pic courtesy of TLBWrestling

Blugging Empire Starring Maxi Velasco

Note: This is NOT to be taken seriously, and is only for fun. Please check the credits to see the bloggers I listed on the poster. You can click the poster for a better look.

Blugging Empire
Starring Mary Anne Velasco as Maxi, David Funk
Cameo Appearances by Lainy Mae, Demcy Dias, and Bill Vieira
Director/Writer: David Funk
Chief Editor: Colin Immelman
Studio Coordinator: Afrank Angle
Wardrobe: Gagay Dinampo
Emoticon Design: Mariuca Nor
Music: Monica Yong
Comment Manager: Bing Kee

Narrator: There was the Greek Empire. The Roman Empire. The Japanese Empire. The German Empire. And then there's.....

(A scene is shown of Maxi on a throne with a knife and fork in her hands. She puts those down to get on the internet. Then they show a flashback before she became queen of.....)

Narrator: The Blugging Empire!

(Scene shows Maxi posting another Mix and Match entry)

Maxi: Gosh gosh. What to do what to do!

(Next scene shows David Funk leaving a reply)

David Funk: Hi Blugging Queen! I'm just stopping by!

Narrator: Little does he know that her rise to the throne of what would be the Blugging Empire has begun - whether she wants to be a queen or not.

(Maxi leaves a reply)

Maxi: But I'm not the queen!
David Funk: Huh? Well, you're not lazy anymore, but you blug a lot of people as the queen. None more than me though.
Maxi: But I'm not the queen! No, I don't call you 'd anymore. Wait, I just did. Gosh gosh.
David Funk: You're a PA-Cute Queen though. Now I'm glad I don't blog all the time now.
Maxi: I'm not the queen! Well, you'll be the on and off again blugging friend. Hehe.

Narrator: Maxi's rise to be queen of the Blugging Empire is an incredible journey. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Maxi is the queen of blogging and bugging which is blugging.

Maxi: I don't envy being the queen!

Narrator: Watch Maxi make her way to throne of the Blugging Universe. Mary Anne Velasco leads an all-star cast and production crew in the box office smash Blugging Empire!

Mary Anne Velasco blugs her millions of fans everywhere on the DVD release with inside details of behind the scenes footage of her film. Gosh gosh, I'm now envious of her newfound acting stardom. Now if this movie takes off well, her blogging friends will be blugging her for money. Hmmm....irony?! Hehe!

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Update From Basic Bloganomics

Since the first week in February, my time with blogging has been limited due to my work schedule. I had been traveling to the southeastern USA working overnights with little time off in between the three projects I was on. It was truly tiring to say the least and more so at the last assignment I was on.

But changes are coming.

As some of you know that follow me either on Twitter or Facebook, you know that I accepted a sports position with another company two weeks ago. The schedule is part-time, but it gives me the option of going full-time and offers much better flexibility. In other words, I get more time off and availability to enjoy it. It's my time now.

For the past two months, me and a co-worker have been working on establishing our own company. It is an idea he came up with, and he was generous to think of me helping to get it off the ground. As of now, it is very much in the developmental stage.

Also, the same business partner and friend of mine told me of a site he has used to submit reality show, television show, and movie ideas to potential producers. Now it is time to submit some for copyright reasons to protect myself while also possibly catching the eye of a producer or more. So with this new gig and reduced physical workload, I'll be getting those submitted soon.

During the first week of April, I'll be taking a much needed vacation that is not too far from where I live currently. I'll be going to WrestleMania in Atlanta for an action-packed week of Axxess, WWE Hall of Fame, and the event itself on April 3! I know it will be off the hook, and it is an event I've always wanted to attend. Plus, I'll be doing other things while there in Atlanta!

I plan on returning to Chicago this year and meet up with my long-time friend Cashewredneck, who I've known since we were kids. I haven't been to Chicago since 2000. Other trips are in the works as of now, too.

And if that's not enough, I'm still strongly considering a move out of state with my eyes on Oklahoma City. Most of you that have read my blogs know my reasons for possibly moving there since it was a place I grew up at as kid. We'll see what happens.

As far as the personal life of things for me, time will tell. Right now, I'm working on setting myself up for success and nothing or no one will get in my way. I'm very determined to do so and to enjoy the time I get, too.

As far as my activity in terms of blogging, it will still be an off and on basis. However, I will say that I will be online more than before because of my new job, movie scripts I plan on writing, and with blogging. I'm open-minded enough to make money in multiple, smarter ways. At the first of this year, I said to myself that changes are on the way for me. Well, this seems to be the beginning.

Thank you to all that left comments while I was not able to get online for the last couple of months very much. I hope that will continue!

Mariuca Wins FCSB for February 2011!

It comes as no surprise that Mariuca returned to the throne of the First Commenter Scoreboard by getting the most points for the month of February. It is the second time in as many tries that she has won it for February having done so last year, too. Congrats again to the very pretty Genie Princess for winning in February!

For those that don't know about the FCSB, I award a point to the first three commenters on all entries for that given month. The one with the most points at month's end will be featured on this site's slider and receive ad space or EC credits. Also, anyone that receives a point on the FCSB for a given month will have their site linked when the announcement for the winner is revealed as is the case with this entry.

Here were the point standings for the month of February which includes anyone that had at least one point on the scoreboard:

Mariuca:: 7
Bill V: : 4
Bella Enveeus: 2
Gagay: 2
Monica: 2
Lady Java: 1
Lulu: 1
Dhemz: 1
Fish Lover: 1
Caroline May Ling: 1
Janet: 1
Georyl: 1

So the Genie Princess will have her face on the slider two times for the month of March and receive 1,000 EC credits to the account of her choice, too. Thanks to all who left comments for February!