WrestleMania Axxess Photo Shots: Rosa Mendes!

This is my last WrestleMania Axxess Photo Shot with this entry focusing on WWE Diva Rosa Mendes.

Mendes was born in Vancouver, but she is of Czech and Costa Rican descent. She was a highly active girl where she eventually trained in kickboxing and Jui Jitsu. After leaving school, she took up modeling and also acted in some commercials.

In 2006, she was a WWE Diva Search contestant, and finished fourth overall in the contest. This was the same contest that featured current WWE divas Maryse and Layla, who eventually won it that year. Mendes was signed by the WWE to train in Ohio Valley Wrestling.

In OVW, she won the Women's Title there and eventually moved to Florida to be in WWE's new territory Florida Championship Wrestling. She was called up to the WWE roster in November 2008.

At first, she was Beth Phoenix' No. 1 fan and interfered in her matches. She was associated with Santino Marella as well during this time. Later, she was in an onscreen relationship with Zack Ryder on ECW before she was drafted to the Smackdown! brand in 2010.

While sporadically appearing in FCW, she won the Queen of Wrestling title in November 2010 and held it for about three months. She worked as a heel for WWE, but turned face at the end of 2010.

Mendes was the last person at the magazine photo shoot during the final WrestleMania Axxess session this year. I loved the attire she was wearing, and she was looking very hot indeed. I didn't get to say much other than greet her while I was on stage, but she was very nice to fans though. I certainly didn't have a problem getting my last pic with a star/diva from her at all. Here's the pic of me with Rosa:

So as I've done for all the other WWE stars, I'm going to post a rap/poetry for Rosa Mendes:

"Rosa was an active in her youth and said she was a tomboy,
She got into fights as well, so she wasn't one to annoy,

She trained in kickboxing and her hard work on that showed,
And she could knock you into the next zip code,

She signed with the WWE wanting to be a divas champ,
She's a hot novelty like a lava lamp,

She was Beth Phoenix' No. 1 fan,
But Rosa wants a Divas title as part of her plan,

One time, she attracted the attention of Zack Ryder,
She made opponents to need a health care provider,

Moving onto Smackdown, she wanted to be a part of LayCool,
They turned her away as they were often very cruel,

She did win a 2010 Slammy Award for Best Equipment Use,
That was used against LayCool after all their abuse,

Rosa is a red-hot diva and is sweet outside the ring,
I hope your career continued to go on the upswing!"

You can follow Rosa Mendes on Twitter @LaRosaMendes. Thanks Rosa!

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Caroline Ng May Ling said...

hey David! :D

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

LOL! I actually she's sis of Eva Mendez. :p haha she looks very hot!! woot woot!

Noypi said...

Nice... Would love to see a live match someday.. :D

bluedreamer27 said...

love kelly kelly

Mariuca said...

Hi David!

Mariuca said...

LOL I can see why u love her attire David, very hot indeed! TGIF! :)

I Love-Hate America by Bing said...

Wow....is she the sis of Eva Mendes? She's hot and she looks hotter with you...hehehe!

David Funk said...

@Caroline- Hey girl! No, she's not the sister of Eva Mendez. Rose Mendes is her name she uses in the WWE.

@Noypi- Thanks for your comment. It's awesome to watch WWE live!

@bluedreamer- Oh, I love Kelly Kelly, too!

@Mariuca- Yes, she's hot and that attire did grab my attention!

@Bing- No, Rosa Mendes is the name she uses in the WWE, so she's not related to Eva Mendez. Thanks for the compliment, and she's really a hot-looking diva! She's not one to mess with either considering she was suspended for fighting in her school days. LOL!