Bill V and Caroline May Ling Win FCSB for April 2011!

The month of April is now over, and there are new winners for the FCSB. Yes, I said winners in plural form.

That's because Bill V and Caroline May Ling tied for the most FCSB points in the month of April. Mariuca has been nearly a permanent fixture atop the FCSB for this site. However, due to her increased work schedule, this opened the door for others to get the most points this month. But we still love ya, and you're still the queen of commenting as well as the one who created the FCSB in the first place.

For those that don't know about the FCSB, I award a point to the first three commenters on all entries for that given month. The one with the most points at month's end will be featured on this site's slider and receive ad space or EC credits. Also, anyone that receives a point on the FCSB for a given month will have their site linked when the announcement for the winner is revealed as is the case with this entry.

Here are the official Basic Bloganomics standings on the FCSB for the month of April:
Bill Vieira: 7
Caroline May Ling: 7
Georyl: 5
Monica: 5
Mariuca: 4
Levian: 3
Lainy: 2
Hazelicious: 2
Gagay: 1
3rdStoneFromTheSun: 1
Foongpc: 1
Tejan: 1
Lily Arbee
Shydub: 1
Lady Java: 1

Congrats again to Bill V and Caroline for getting the most FCSB points for April. Both of you will be on the slider for May as well as 1,000 EC credits, too. Congrats to the others for making the list. And thanks to all of you that commented, too. Thanks for viewing!



Monica said...

hey David! ;)

Monica said...

woot congrats to Bill and Caroline! :D and thanks for the mention too David :)

Mariuca said...

Wot congrats to your winners David, how nice to get a tie here, have a great week! :D:D

Lainy said...

Yay! Congrats to both of them. I have to try harder next time.

Have a terrific day ahead, My Friend!

Bill said...

Wow thanks a lot bro, i cant believe i made it this month. I hope Marzie does not mind giving up the title for one month because i know for sure she will get it back LOL

Bill said...

Congrats also to all the others that made your list this month.

Sheryl of said...

yehey! i tied with monica at the second place!

glad to finally be included in your FCC list david.