WrestleMania Axxess Photo Shots: Melina!

Since I was very fortunate to have gotten pics with WWE stars and divas during WrestleMania week, I'm gonna post them one at a time(unless I got multiple pics with them). Besides, if I posted all the pics at once, my laptop would explode from it being on fire due to the red-hot WWE Divas in the pics! Or I could just post these from a refrigerator or freezer to solve that problem. Hmmmm...it's already enough of a problem posting one of them let alone all of them at once. Haha!

First of all, I will say that I've had the privilege of attending many sporting/entertainment events in my life. But NOTHING compared to the awesome WrestleMania week in Atlanta! Yes, YOU can quote me on that! Second, all the WWE stars that I met treated me as if I was the star. Lastly, I don't claim to know them personally since I got pics with them, but it's quite obvious they are genuinely good-hearted, very hard-working people that go out of their way for all fan types. I'm still in awe of it all. I can't thank the WWE enough for this!

Oh, one more thing before I start. What's up with the lack of time the divas are getting on TV/PPV? The only champion that didn't wrestle in a WrestleMania XXVII match was the Divas Champion(although she did appear at the event). I realize that you can't fit everyone onto one show, but I hope the Divas get more time to shine because they are better in the ring than they're giving credit for. Like the other WWE stars, they do their best to put on the best matches that they can. Moving on....

I'm gonna start the pics with a Diva I had the great privilege of meeting which was WWE Diva Melina because she was the first one I met! I sported my Sooners polo because I was expecting to meet @JRsBBQ, who is a well-known Oklahoma fan. Before the 2nd pic, I told her this was the 2nd one. She said, "You can take as many pics with me as you want. I always wear different attire." That was just so cool of her to say.

So to thank Melina for the time and pics with me, I wrote a short rap(Okay, okay. It's probably more poetry anyway. LOL).

"She was the first WWE star I met,
It was a time I'll never forget,

I was nervous, but it was gone when she said hello,
She's as sweet as Skittles....you know Taste the Rainbow,

That's her favorite candy, I'll bring her some next time,
So I don't hear her Primal Scream as if I committed a war crime,

Plus, her face slap would have put the dinosaurs into extinction,
I wouldn't want to be added to that dubious distinction,

The 2nd pic I like best cuz my polo shirt blended well with her hair,
Her artistic talent also shows she's got real flair,

She's the diva with the most colorful in-ring attire,
One look at her says she's hot like fire,

She even loves Wonder Woman, and should be cast in that role,
So she could kick bad guys around like kicking a field goal,

It was a pleasure meeting you, but this rap has to end,
Meeting you in person would be something I'll always recommend!"

Okay, she'll appreciate it if you'll follow her @RealMelina and/or at her website at RealMelina.com. Thanks Melina!

I've got lots of pics left to post from WrestleMania week in Atlanta, so more to come soon. I'm not sure what I'll do with those, but thanks for viewing!



Mariuca said...

Hi David!

Mariuca said...

LOL @ exploding from being on fire ha ha ha ha!! Of coz u gotta post them all and I know u had a blast! Great pics too!

Sheryl of Georyl.com said...

nice pix dave! you must have enjoyed it immensely. :-)

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

heya David!! <3

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

whoa!! envying u now!! u had the chance to meet up with those DIVAS!!! :">

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

Meline looooooook sooooooo HAWTTTT!!! gosh!!! thanks for sharing us with ur lovely pic David!! :*:*

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

interesting n nice poet there!! me likey!! hahaha

Kian Fai said...

I like the way she reply that "You can take as many pics with me as you want. I always wear different attire." Definitely she is very cool person :)

And I would think that 2 photo is enough to make your laptop to grill a burger patty =P

Have a good day!

By Kian Fai

William said...

Great post bro. It looks like you had a awesome time and Melina looks hot. Your a lucky man to get a pic with her.

David Funk said...

@Mariuca- It's true about the laptop exploding! Yeah, I'm compelled to post them all now. LOL!

@Sheryl- Thanks! It was an amazing time!

@Caroline- Yeah, Melina looking HAWTTTT is right! Glad you liked the post!

@Kian- That's what she told me when I got that 2nd pic with her. LOL @ "And I would think that 2 photo is enough to make your laptop to grill a burger patty". Good one! Thanks for commenting here.

@William- Admittedly very lucky. But hey, I'm very glad to have gotten the pic! And yes, Melina is DAMN HOT! Thanks bro for the comments!

teJan said...

wow! toppen D:) looking good:)

Stacey said...

It can't get any cooler than this! I can see how much you've enjoyed the company of the stars and I'm really happy for you. I wish I could experience this kind of stuff too but yeah maybe someday.

I recall some WWE stars including John Cena went here in Manila many years ago but I wasn't able to see them since I was still a penniless student back then! Maybe when they do that again :)

Melina's so beautiful! Totally hot! As hot as your composition for her ;)

Chie Wilks said...

oh she's so lovely and sounds so sweet..great rap composition too Free Agent. I'll surely follow Melina on twitter.

David Funk said...

@teJan- Hey Janet! Thanks for the comment!

@Stacey- I very much enjoyed this especially meeting people like Melina! I recall you saying you followed WWE, so hopefully you can do this one day. It's an unforgettable experience. Melina is so HOT! Thanks for the comment!

@Chie- Yep. She's both lovely and sweet. I'm sure she appreciates you following her on Twitter especially knowing you're a fan from the Philippines. :)