Happy Birthday Tripzibit!

This is a late post since Tripzibit's birthday is on September 24. However, it is better late than never to post a birthday greeting for my good blogger friend in Indonesia.

Tri, along with my blugging friend Maxi, were my first international friends. Though we come from very different backgrounds and cultures, he values friends in the same manner that I do.

His blog talks about the world's greatest and most well-known unsolved mysteries. Many of the ones he's posted on his site are those that are close to where I've lived before, too.

Anyway, I was attending another one of my many sporting events, and came across this sign just as a corner kick was being made.

Happy Birthday Tripzibit!

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Happy Birthday Bill Vieira!

Today is the birthday of my good blogging friend Bill Vieira, who lives in Arizona. Bill is someone I met through the same circle of friends we both have in common. We also frequently chat on Twitter about sorts of things from sports to blogging and our travels. He is definitely one of the good guys in the blogging community that speaks highly of everyone. I appreciate the friendship and hope we meet up one day bro!

I spotted this at the airport as they recognize Bill on his birthday:
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Happy Birthday Bill!

Oklahoma River Cruise Pics!

After going to the Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum, I went on a cruise of the Oklahoma River on September 3. It is something they didn't have when I lived there as a kid, and I'm glad they have it now.

It was a great way to unwind and chill on the boat that was captained by Lee Cummings. The Sunset Cruise started and ended at Regatta Park. Those Sunset Cruises run on Friday and Saturday evenings, and last about an hour and a half.

Here are some pics I took of the cruise:

More pics from my Oklahoma vacation are coming soon!

Happy Birthday Ryan Lester!

Today is the birthday of my friend Ryan Lester of Lester's Legends. He is someone I met on Sporting News about five years ago, and we have both been friends ever since. Be sure to check his site for fantasy sports info and more!

Here is the front page of The USA Daily for his birthday:

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Oklahoma National Memorial & Museum Pics!

My first stop on my Oklahoma City vacation was the Oklahoma National Memorial & Museum. It is a place dedicated to the victims of the April 19, 1995 OKC bombing.

They have done a great job in making sure that those victims and their families will never be forgotten after that day that changed the city forever.

The museum doesn't allow you to take pics inside. I'm not sure exactly why, but take my word for it: You'll never forget it once you go inside to see it. I'll talk more about it when I review the place on Associated Content when I get around to it.

I will say the city has recovered well from the tragedy, and it shows. Here are some of the pics I took outside which includes where the building used to stand that was unfortunately blown up in 1995:

Previous OKC pics:
Oklahoma Sooners vs Utah State Pics

More pics from my OKC vacation are coming soon!

Oklahoma Sooners vs Utah State Pics!

Last weekend, I was finally able to return to a place that I did part of my growing up in the Oklahoma City area. It is a place I've always held in high regard and dear to me even after not going back for many years.

One of the main reasons for going was to watch the Oklahoma Sooners play in Norman for the first time. Last year, I had watched them play in the Red River Rivalry in Dallas.

The season opener against Utah State ended up closer than many expected though the Sooners did win 31-24. There is definitely room for improvement, and they'll have to do so quickly with a tougher Florida State team coming to town. The Sooners have a reputation under coach Bob Stoops of playing better after not doing so in their previous game. There is a lot of football to be played in 2010.

I enjoyed the FanFest very much. They gave away so much free stuff including posters from the university teams as well as gifts to such places like Chick-Fil-A. For three hours before game time during every home game, past and present players will be at the FanFest to sign autographs for free. Yes, I said for free. At this particular FanFest, members from the 2000 National Championship were there to sign autographs as were the 2010 baseball team. That's how you give back to fans.

Anyway, here are some pics I took from the game against Utah State:

More pics from my Oklahoma City vacation are coming soon.