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As some of you know that have followed me even during when I posted actively on Sporting News, you likely know I'm a contributor of Associated Content. I found the site doing a search back in early 2007 because I wanted to write and get paid for it. Since that time, there have been several paid posting sites that have come out increasing the competition as well as demand for good writers. Associated Content has also changed their ways since they first started.

I didn't post on Associated Content for over a year until recently again this month. The main reason is because of my line of work when we get busy. But I still get notifications from AC as far as contests, promotions, and new features. Also, I still follow some of my long-time friends from Sporting News and abroad on there, too.

Here are some of the benefits to AC:

-You can get paid to write articles as well as earn money based on how often your content is viewed.

-You have the choice of how you want to distribute your content either exclusively or non-exclusively as well as submitting for performance views, too.

-You can distribute content by text(writing), video, audio, or imagery.

-You can refer friends and family in a number of ways with badges, direct links, and emails to earn money.

Here are some tips to get started:

-If someone referred you to AC, be sure to ask them about the experience. They have lots of links on there, and it could take you a while to figure the site out.

-Favorite people you know that use AC. To do this, click the person's profile then find the tab that says "Add to Favorites".

-Follow people you know on AC. To do this, click the person's profile then find the tab that says "Follow". Also, another way you can do this is to click "Connections" from your account profile, then click "Followers" to add the person's email as well as name. You'll then see the "Current Followers" list on the right side to control whether you want to keep each person active or disabled to your content. Note: It is VERY wise to ask the person if you choose to add them by email because some don't like getting contacted that way, and can remove you at anytime. Just use a little courtesy on that.

-To publish content, you can click "Publish" on the top right corner of the page to do so. You can also view previous content to edit if the article is non-exclusive under the content tab.

When publishing your content:

-Make sure you choose the right template for what you're writing about or it could mean they reject if it is an exclusive article.

-On Page 2, they ask if you've submitted the content before on the internet. If you have, make sure you select "yes". If you select "yes", then you can only be paid performance views for that article because it is display-only. If you select "no", then you have the choice as exclusive or non-exclusive. Here's the difference of the two and when you want to use them:

Exclusive: Exclusive means the article you write will be exclusive to Associated Content meaning they will own the rights to your article if you accept payment from them. You only want to select this one if you don't plan on posting this anywhere else. AC will pay you more if you select this.

Non-exclusive: Non-exclusive means you retain the rights to publish the article elsewhere. You only should select this if you want to post this anywhere else in the future, and not just on AC. You can still get paid for the article, but not as much as exclusive because AC won't own full rights to it.

Display-Only: Display-Only means that you retain full rights to the article, and how long you want it to be posted on AC. You'll earn performance views on this, but not for anything else. This is best when you've already posted the article, and you can just copy it over to display on AC.

Other guidelines:

-Do NOT plagiarize. All writers, journalists, and bloggers know how serious plagiarism is and can be. I will tell you that I know of someone that was banned from AC for plagiarism. They take it very seriously. They check your articles before accepting them by doing a search as well as checking your sources, too. AC has laws to abide by, and will protect themselves at all costs.

-If you used sources to make your article, make sure you include them at the end of your post where you're writing your article at. This way, it looks more professional as well as respectfully given the credit where its due to the source you found the information from.

Types of content that is most viewable:

Reviews: This gets more viewership than any other type of article in my opinion. You can review products, events, locations, parks, or places you've visited. Use your imagination. Currently, I'm in the process of doing a series of reviews of the places I visited in 2009 since I didn't get the chance while traveling last year. Reviews of local restaurants as well as places in your area have done well for those I know of on there, too.

Sports: I've found these articles for me have generated good viewership, though not as much as reviews.

Politics: Anything political or controversial in relations to government has done well for me on there as well.

Okay, that's a short tutorial to help those I know out on Associated Content. Feel free to comment here to ask questions about the site. So if you like what you read, then you can sign up by clicking the banner below:

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Happy 101 Tag

I received this tag from my very good blogger friends Maxi as well as A Frank Angle. Thanks guys for the tag!

* I am to list ten things that make me happy, and to share the award with ten blogs I like. Note: These are not in any order as I write them.

1. Seeing the joy in the faces of close family members and friends especially children.

2. Being around positive people that can see the good in all things.

3. Going to sporting events which have always been fun and entertaining for me. That also includes attending live wrestling events because it reminds me of when my dad used to always take me and my brother as kids.

4. Seeing my favorite sports teams win their game(s).

5. Hearing the Boomer Sooner fight song.

6. Working out because I can't tell you how many times I was happy when done after a bad day.

7. Blogging, like working out, has helped ease my mind away from the daily grind.

8. Meeting new friends that accept you for who you are and where you're from without judging you differently.

9. Traveling by plane. Love the view from high up in the air.

10. Being alive. Because tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

The ten friends I'm going to tag(in no particular order either). Also, I apologize in advance if you've already received this, and I'm not tagging the same people Maxi did:

1. Stacey
2. levian
3. Sharon
4. Eden
5. Shydub
6. Jenny
7. Chuchie
8. Ane
9. Cacai
10. Analou

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Saturday Snow

The snow started at about 5pm here on Friday in North Carolina, and it still hasn't stopped. And this isn't in the mountainous part of the state either. It looks like I won't be going anywhere on this Saturday, but here are three pics I took of the snow so you can see for yourself.

Enjoy the weekend wherever you are in the world!

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True Blogger Story: Hitten Run

Note: This is not to be taken seriously, and is only a fictional story.

He was once a highly regarded prospect in journalism in which he was destined for greatness in blogging. And while his birth name and year is often disputed, no one can deny his presence in the blogging community. Hitten Run's rise to the top was much less memorable than his dramatic fall from it. After growing angry of people not giving him attention, he decided to take on the persona of Hitten Run as a guy who picks his spots on blogs with either insults or irrelevant replies while running off. This style of posting allowed him to garner negative publicity in the blogging community as well as an obviously jealous poster. His reputation as well as legal name change has made him a constant thorn in the side of many bloggers. Basic Bloganomics presents the True Blogger Story of Hitten Run!

True Blogger Story: Hitten Run

Written, produced, and hosted by David Funk

Growing up in a house with one younger brother and sister, Hitten Run had dreams of making it big in his life. His father was out of the house traveling while he had a stay-at-home mom.

Even as a child, there were signs of the dark days that would eventually lead him to a point of no return.

"I can't begin to tell you how many times he would punch or push me down," said Hitten's sister. "Of course, he didn't do this all the time. But, he had this way of getting attention by punching me and my other brother while running away. It was no wonder he claimed child abuse years later after his dad would discipline him for doing that."

Eventually, Hitten's abusive ways led him to be permanently expelled from school to where his mom had to home-school him. Then, Hitten ran away from home because he couldn't let his anger out while being grounded to his room.

After finding a place of his own, Hitten seen a way to let loose at a young age when he found out that he could blog about it. Hitten saw the opportunity he had to make it as a blogger while also not having to go to work and dealing with people. His lack of people skills weren't necessarily needed as a blogger, and he would begin a path of notoriety which showed his true potential.

When we return, Hitten Run begins his rise to the top as a blogger.

Blog commercial:
Gagay: You know, blogging slowly is the best way for me to write. And it should be for you, too. Weeeeeeeeh!
(Gagay is seen writing out a blog while slowly drinking Dr. Pepper)
Gagay: Watch this!
(She submits her blog entry to be read)
(All the sudden, her friends Mariuca, Monica, Bill, Lady Java, and Ane race to see who comments on her blog first)
(Gagay continues to gulp down the Dr. Pepper she has)
Gagay: Thankie! Thankie! Trust me! I'm a Doctor!

After discovering the opportunities of blogging, Hitten Run tried to build his blog up with just a single entry for months which he thought would carry him to stardom. But, he would see that name-calling under an anonymous user ID would be his forte on blogging and would give him the attention he wanted. Many times, he would rant away with others being able to sympathize to what he was writing.

"Hitten had this way about him. Sometimes, you could laugh at what he was writing even though he wasn't in any way trying to be funny," said another blogger. "I remember how he couldn't buy anyone to view his blog. Then after putting up some posts with negative issues and insults, he became quite popular in the blogging community."

Hitten was able to get the attention he wanted, but it came at a price.

He tried to earn money for his posts, and was rejected on his entries because of the insults in them. Also, bloggers noticed a trend with insults coming from an anonymous source although Hitten denied anything to do with it. Rumors were flying that he didn't even have a blog at all.

Then, he saw a post that made him completely lose his cool when he insulted a lady with an inappropriate word on her own blog. This was the beginning of darker days ahead for Hitten Run.

When we return, Hitten Run makes a legal name change and the community makes a startling discovery.

Blog commercial
Do you ever have that feeling where you can't think straight? How about constant mood swings? What about getting easily frustrated because of not coming up with an idea of something to write? Do you always have the urge to copy someone's work? These could be signs of a serious underlying medical condition called CPS(Copy & Paste Syndrome). While there is no cure for CPS, you can get help to treat it. There is a brand new medication called Unplagiarizime available if prescribed by your physician. Unplagiarizime can't eliminate CPS, but it can contain it. Some of the side effects of Unplagiarizime includes upset stomach, headaches, the sudden urge to the thumb & run, offensive posting, and unobjectiveness. Ask your doctor if Unplagiarizime is right for you. Unplagiarizime: We can't eliminate CPS, but it can contain it. Unplagiarizime.

After his young life didn't end up like he wanted to, Hitten decided to change his name legally. This cemented his reputation, and many around the blogging community wasn't fooled by his anonymous commenting any longer.

However, it was learned later on that Hitten Run didn't even type out his own entries due to the fact of his angry temper. His hands were often shaky because of this which he finally forced his younger sister to write out his thoughts.

"I couldn't believe that he would eventually throw me under a bus telling people that it was me that thought like he did," said Hitten's sister. "After a period of time, people noticed he was expelled and a trouble-maker as a kid, and they finally believed me. I changed my name as well because I don't really look at him as a brother."

Eventually, Hitten would go back to his childhood ways, but take it to the internet on women since his sister no longer wanted anything to do with him. This is when he finally wrote everything on his own, but his life wouldn't be better off.

When we return, Hitten's life takes a dramatic turn for the worse.

Blog commercial:
Stop by the hottest street on the internet where you can also read the thoughts of a beautiful Filipino blogger. Stacey Avenue is where it's at! Stacey: This is my avenue!

After his sister no longer helped him, Hitten Run continued on his abusive path by typing out his own words. It was clear at that point that his sister was forced into writing the words for him because his style was completely different.

In one sense, an anonymous comment calling someone an idiot was said as well as another challenging their take on a religious subject. Over time, this abruptly was brought to the public for the damage it had done. No one was going to give him any more attention after they vented on him one time.

Hitten has gone into seclusion many times, and will still occasionally pop up out of nowhere with an insult or two especially on female bloggers. His lack of attention has sunk him into a deep depression and he can't let go of the abusive past he had in his youth.

Ever since he was born, Hitten Run wanted to take the easy way out to stardom. Whether it was anonymously or by force, Hitten Run made a name for himself while remaining classless. He honestly believes in freedom of speech, but still can't bring himself to not read a blog he doesn't like on his own choice.

Even after a period of time, no one knows the true identity of Hitten Run. If he has his way, he'll take that to his grave with him because whether it is discovered or not, his reputation as a blogger has already been negatively established enough as it is. That will be his true legacy.

Thanks for viewing, and you have been watching the True Blogger Story on Basic Bloganomics!

(©) Copyright 2009 & 2010. Property of Fragnoli Films, WBE, and Basic Bloganomics. All rights reserved. Any publication or retransmission without the express written consent of the True Blogger Story and its affiliates, is strictly prohibited. And yes, this is a parody of E! True Hollywood Story.

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What If? Super Bowl Single Game Performers!

Welcome to another entry of the What If? Fantasy Football edition. This is where I look back at a season long before fantasy football became prominent among us in our society as I figure how the fantasy numbers would look if the fantasy game existed then. However, this is a special Super Bowl edition of What If? This is where I look back at the best single game performances of America's most popular sporting event. The top performing quarterbacks, running backs, receivers, tight end, kicker, and defenses that totaled the most fantasy points in a single Super Bowl game are featured here. I'm using the default scoring systems for Sporting News and Yahoo! to calculate the point totals.

Here's the point scale for SN(default configuration):
60 points for every touchdown
2 points for every rushing, receiving, and punt return yard gained
1 point for every kickoff return yard gained
2 points for every reception
1 point for every passing yard
-10 points for every kickoff return attempt
-45 points for lost fumble and interception
-2 points for incomplete pass
10 points for PAT
-20 points for missed PAT
40 points field goals inside 39 yards
-30 points for missed field goals inside 39 yards
60 points for field goals 40-49 yards
80 points for field goals 50+ yards
200 points minus 10 times points allowed
60 points for defensive touchdown
45 points for fumble recovery and interception
20 points for sacks
45 points for safety
Note: Only points scored against a defense are counted.
Here's the point scale for Yahoo!(default configuration):
6 points for every rushing, receiving, and return touchdown
4 points for passing touchdown
1 point for every 10 rushing and receiving yards
1 point for every 25 passing yards
2 points for every two-point conversion
-1 point for every interception
-2 points for every fumble
3 points for field goal inside 39 yards
4 points for field goal 40-49 yards
5 points for field goal 50+ yards
1 point for PAT
10 points for shutout
7 points for allowing 1-6 points
4 points for allowing 7-13 points
1 point for allowing 14-20 points
0 points for allowing 21-27 points
-1 point for allowing 28-34 points
-4 points for allowing 35+ points
1 point for sack
2 points for fumble recovery and interception
2 points for blocked kick
2 points for safety
6 points for defensive touchdown
No points are given for receptions or return yardage in the default configuration. No points given for missed PAT in default configuration.

Here were the top single game performers before this year's game in Super Bowl:


SN: Steve Young, San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XXIX
Yahoo!: Steve Young, San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XXIX

After being in the shadows of Joe Montana, Young put up the best performance from a quarterback in Super Bowl history as the 49ers beat the San Diego Chargers 49-26 to become the first team to win five Super Bowls.

Running backs:

SN: Timmy Smith, Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XXII
After rushing for only 126 yards in the regular season as a rookie, Smith became the first running back to eclipse 200 rushing yards in a Super Bowl game. He had over 100 rushing yards in the 2nd quarter alone as Washington scored a record 35 points, the most in one quarter of play in Super Bowl history as the Redskins crushed the Broncos 45-10.

Yahoo!: Terrell Davis, Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXXII
Despite battling migraine headache conditions that kept him out parts of this game, Davis set a Super Bowl record with three rushing touchdowns in the same Super Bowl to help the Broncos finally win their first Super Bowl in their fifth appearance.

Wide receivers:

SN: Ricky Sanders, Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XXII
As part of a very balanced and efficient offensive effort, Sanders had the second most receiving yards in Super Bowl history along with two touchdowns, an 80-yard and 50-yard catches in the record-breaking 2nd quarter. He also added 44 kickoff return yards, too.

Yahoo!: Jerry Rice, San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XXIX
For the third time in as many Super Bowls, Rice had over 100 receiving yards in Super Bowl play. This game was his best overall with 149 receiving yards and two touchdowns from Steve Young. He caught at least one touchdown pass in all four Super Bowls, and is arguably the best performer in Super Bowl play. And of course, he's best at his position ever, too.

Tight end:

SN: Dan Ross, Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl XVI
Yahoo!: Dan Ross, Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl XVI

The only person on the list for a losing team, Ross could not be blamed for the Bengals losing. He's the only tight end to have over 100 receiving yards in a Super Bowl game to go along with two touchdowns, and would have no doubt been the MVP had Cincinnati won. Instead, the 49ers dynasty began with their first Super Bowl win.


SN: Don Chandler, Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl II
Yahoo!: Don Chandler, Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl II

Chandler kicked four field goals(a Super Bowl record that was later tied) and had three extra points as the Packers easily secured back-to-back Super Bowl wins by defeating the Oakland Raiders 33-14. It turned out to be the last Super Bowl win for coaching icon Vince Lombardi, whom the Super Bowl trophy is named after.


SN: Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XX
The "46 Zone" defense of the Bears continued their dominating ways in Super Bowl XX as they became the only defense to have at least one defensive touchdown, safety, interception, fumble recovery, and sack in the same game. They held the Patriots to 123 total yards and seven rushing yards(a Super Bowl record).

Yahoo!: Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl XXXVII
The Buccaneers finally made it to the Super Bowl in 2002, and made the most of it as the defense had three defensive touchdowns including two by safety Dwight Smith. The defense intercepted MVP quarterback Rich Gannon five times in the game as they won 48-21.

Now here are the stats and number for all those that made the What If? Super Bowl Single Game Performers team:

SN points for Steve Young in Super Bowl XXIX:
Passing yards: 325 = 325 points
Passing touchdowns: 6 = 360 points
Incomplete passes: 12 = -24 points
Interceptions: 0 = 0 points
Rushing yards: 49 = 98 points
Rushing touchdowns: 0 = 0 points
Receptions: 0 = 0 points
Receiving yards: 0 = 0 points
Receiving touchdowns: 0 = 0 points
Kick returns: 0 = 0 points
Kick return yards: 0 = 0 points
Punt return yards: 0 = 0 points
Kick/Punt return touchdowns: 0 = 0 points
Fumbles Lost: 0 = 0 points
Total points: 759 points
Yahoo! points for Steve Young in Super Bowl XXIX:
Passing yards: 325 = 13 points
Passing touchdowns: 6 = 24 points
Interceptions: 0 = 0 points
Rushing yards: 49 = 4 points
Rushing touchdowns: 0 = 0 points
Receiving yards: 0 = 0 points
Receiving touchdowns: 0 = 0 points
Fumbles Lost: 0 = 0 points
Total points: 41 points

SN stats for Timmy Smith in Super Bowl XXII:
Passing yards: 0 = 0 points
Passing touchdowns: 0 = 0 points
Incomplete passes: 0 = 0 points
Interceptions: 0 = 0 points
Rushing yards: 204 = 408 points
Rushing touchdowns: 2 = 120 points
Receptions: 1 = 2 points
Receiving yards: 9 = 18 points
Receiving touchdowns: 0 = 0 points
Kick returns: 0 = 0 points
Kick return yards: 0 = 0 points
Punt return yards: 0 = 0 points
Kick/Punt return touchdowns: 0 = 0 points
Fumbles Lost: 0 = 0 points
Total points: 548 points
Yahoo! points for Terrell Davis in Super Bowl XXXII:
Passing yards: 0 = 0 points
Passing touchdowns: 0 = 0 points
Interceptions: 0 = 0 points
Rushing yards: 157 = 15 points
Rushing touchdowns: 3 = 18 points
Receiving yards: 8 = 0 points
Receiving touchdowns: 0 = 0 points
Fumbles Lost: 0 = 0 points
Total points: 33 points

SN Points for Ricky Sanders in Super Bowl XXII:
Passing yards: 0 = 0 points
Passing touchdowns: 0 = 0 points
Incomplete passes: 0 = 0 points
Interceptions: 0 = 0 points
Rushing yards: -4 = -8 points
Rushing touchdowns: 0 = 0 points
Receptions: 9 = 18 points
Receiving yards: 193 = 386 points
Receiving touchdowns: 2 = 120 points
Kick returns: 3 = -30 points
Kick return yards: 46 = 46 points
Punt return yards: 0 = 0 points
Kick/Punt return touchdowns: 0 = 0 points
Fumbles Lost: 0 = 0 points
Total points: 532 points
Yahoo Points for Jerry Rice in Super Bowl XXIX:
Passing yards: 0 = 0 points
Passing touchdowns: 0 = 0 points
Interceptions: 0 = 0 points
Rushing yards: 10 = 1 point
Rushing touchdowns: 0 = 0 points
Receiving yards: 149 = 14 points
Receiving touchdowns: 3 = 18 points
Fumbles Lost: 0 = 0 points
Total points: 33 points

SN Points for Dan Ross in Super Bowl XVI:
Passing yards: 0 = 0 points
Passing touchdowns: 0 = 0 points
Incomplete passes: 0 = 0 points
Interceptions: 0 = 0 points
Rushing yards: 0 = 0 points
Rushing touchdowns: 0 = 0 points
Receptions: 11 = 22 points
Receiving yards: 104 = 208 points
Receiving touchdowns: 2 = 120 points
Kick returns: 0 = 0 points
Kick return yards: 0 = 0 points
Punt return yards: 0 = 0 points
Kick/Punt return touchdowns: 0 = 0 points
Fumbles Lost: 0 = 0 points
Total points: 350 points
Yahoo! Points for Dan Ross in Super Bowl XVI:
Passing yards: 0 = 0 points
Passing touchdowns: 0 = 0 points
Interceptions: 0 = 0 points
Rushing yards: 0 = 0 points
Rushing touchdowns: 0 = 0 points
Receiving yards: 104 = 10 points
Receiving touchdowns: 2 = 12 points
Fumbles Lost: 0 = 0 points
Total points: 22 points

SN Points for Don Chandler in Super Bowl II:
PAT: 3 = 30 points
Missed PAT: 0 = 0 points
Field goals inside 39 yards: 3 = 120 points
Field goals 40-49 yards: 1 = 60 points
Field goals 50+ yards: 0 = 0 points
Total points: 210 points
Yahoo! Points for Don Chandler in Super Bowl II:
PAT: 3 = 3 points
Field goals inside 39 yards: 3 = 9 points
Field goals 40-49 yards: 1 = 4 points
Field goals 50+ yards: 0 = 0 points
Total points: 16 points

SN Points for Chicago Bears defense in Super Bowl XX:
Points Allowed: 10 = 100 points
Defensive touchdowns: 1 = 60 points
Fumble Recoveries: 4 = 180 points
Interceptions: 2 = 90 points
Sacks: 7 = 140 points
Safeties: 1 = 45 points
Total Points: 615 points
Yahoo! Points for Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super XXXVII:
Points Allowed: 21 = 0 points
Defensive Touchdowns: 3 = 18 points
Fumble Recoveries: 0 = 0 points
Interceptions: 5 = 10 points
Blocked kicks: 0 = 0 points
Sacks: 5 = 5 points
Safeties: 0 = 0 points
Total Points: 33 points

With the offenses in the game for this year's Super Bowl, some records may possibly be broken. Coming before that match-up will be my all-time Super Bowl Performers team based on total fantasy points scored. Thanks for reading!

Past What If? Fantasy Football posts:
Walter Payton's 1977 season
Gale Sayers' 1965 season
Eric Dickerson's 1983 season
Jim Brown's 1963 season
Dan Marino's 1984 season
Jerry Rice's 1987 season
O.J. Simpson's 1975 season
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Sid Luckman's 1943 season
Sammy Baugh's 1947 season
Beattie Feathers' 1934 season
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Timmy Brown's 1963 season
Rolland Lawrence's 1977 season
Dan Fouts' 1981 season
Earl Campbell's 1980 season
Bronko Nagurski's 1934 season
Randall Cunningham's 1990 season
Y.A. Tittle's 1963 season

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Meow Diaries

Happy Birthday Monica!

Click the image above to visit her site.

Today(it is officially January 28 as I type this in Malaysia) is the birthday of my very beautiful blogger friend Monica, who is the author of Turn-U-Off.

If I remember right, I came across her blog through another Malaysian friend, Levian. It was funny because when you see a title like that for a blog, you may not want to go back to visit. But as you can see in her pic above, there's nothing about her at all that will turn-u-off(except when she beats BWE opponents so senseless, they turn-u-off from watching them again, lol).

Not only is she very beautiful, she's an extremely sweet and affectionate blogger and friend to us all, too. I'm glad she is a friend to many including me. I hope your day is a good one my friend!

Happy Birthday Monica!

ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

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Meow Diaries

Kreativ Blogger Award

This is the second post I've had for this tag, and I'm posting again because I received it again from my Filipino friends Jenny and Gagay(otherwise known to me as SDWHH)

Since I've already passed this out and most everyone know has received it, I won't tag anyone specifically. Anyone that doesn't have it can grab it again.

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Music Monday: Super Bowl Shuffle(Chicago Bears)

Oh yeah! Since both teams from the NFC and AFC made the Super Bowl, this week's theme is about the biggest sporting event in the USA! And since the Chicago Bears are my favorite team(too bad they're not in the big game), I'm combining the two.

The Super Bowl Shuffle brings back so many childhood memories, I could take up another blog to talk about it all. In 1985, I wasn't going to turn 11 years old until November. My main teams were the Oklahoma Sooners football team and Chicago Cubs, but the Chicago Bears captivated America like no other that year. It was great because the Sooners football team won the National Championship in college, and the Bears put together arguably the greatest team in NFL history in route to a Super Bowl win!

The 1985 Chicago Bears were a cast of players and characters not seen anywhere else in sports. My all-time favorite football player, the late "Sweetness" Walter Payton, had finally come full circle to achieve his goal of winning a Super Bowl. The greatest Bear of them all, and an even better human being.

The 46 Defense, Jim McMahon, Willie Gault, and rest of the Bears will never be forgotten. People say this video is arrogant, but they did this with portions of the proceeds going to help feed the unfortunate ones in Chicago. The song reached #41 on the Billboards and received a Grammy nomination for best Duo/Group, which was the first by any sports team!

I want to give a shout out to Jarrett Payton, son of Walter, since I'm now following him on Twitter!

BEAR DOWN, CHICAGO BEARS! Hopefully soon, the Bears can once again do the Super Bowl Shuffle by winning another title!

Lyrics | 1985 - Chicago Bears lyrics - Super Bowl Shuffle lyrics

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post link here. You can grab this code at LJL Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

PS: Because of spamming purposes, the linky will be closed on Thursday of each week at midnight, Malaysian Time. Thank you!

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Wishing on a Falling StarPhotobucket

CHiBs Patrol Parody

Note: This is NOT to be taken seriously. The following is another parody. This is a parody of the popular CHiPs Patrol television show that came out in the late 1970s and ran into the 1980s. Again, this is only for fun.

CHiBs: California Highway Blogging Patrol.
Starring Cacai M and Analou w/her dog Bones

Cacai M and Analou are California Highway Bloggers on patrol of the blogging community in their state. They are often briefed by their superior officers for any suspicious activity going on. Many times, they are told of ad and/or blog scams, and people hacking into blogs from a California IP. They seldom if ever leave their home while accessing the internet unless they have a lead on suspects in a case they're specifically assigned to. In most episodes, Cacai and Analou learn new blogging tricks and laws which sometimes draws audiences into laughter, but have served as ways to solve cases, too. In later episodes, they also earn the ability to issue Blog PaTroll citations to those living in California.

Cacai is the cheerful blogger, who moves to the Los Angeles area from the Philippines to become a CHB. In her spare time, she has her own blogs she keeps up with. In some episodes, her blogs and writing are involved in her career including when she has her sites taken over by an intruder.

Analou also is from the Philippines, and her dog Bones can often be seen when she's going after suspects who commit blogging crimes. Often times, it is Cacai who has to bail her out of trouble because of Bones attacking suspects in episodes. She also has her own blogs, and they have been involved in episodes.

Working together to gather thoughts, ideas, and resources, Cacai and Analou solve the worst blogging crimes in California while putting those fugitives behind bars. Keeping the blogging freeways safe on-line is their mission, and to uphold law by any means necessary.

Blog Patrolling never looked this good!

Here is the show intro theme video:

The actual theme is from CHiPs Patrol series.

Previous TV Show/Movie Parodies:
Six Million Dollar Blogger starring Stacey Tee
Angry Amy parody of The Incredible Hulk TV Show starring Amiable Amy
Bambo: First Blog Part 1 parody of Rambo starring Greg & Demcy Dias.

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Eminent Eights Tag From Shydub!

I got this tag from my good Filipino friend Shydub, who currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA, USA with her husband and two kids. She's always passing me tags, and thanks again for this one, Shydub!

8 TV Shows I Like to Watch:
1. College football
2. NFL
3. Major League Baseball
4. College basketball
5. WWE Raw
6. ESPN(I avoid getting caught up into too much news on there now)
7. WWE Smackdown
8. Anything else sports-related because I don't watch much television.

8 Favorite Places to Eat & Drink:
1. Subway
2. Chili's(especially love the ones in California)
3. Chic-Fil-A
4. China Buffet
5. McAlister's Deli(local deli)
6. Libby Hill(seafood restaurant)
7. Bojangles

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. Birthdays
2. Trip to Cooperstown, New York in July
3. Trip to either Chicago and/or Dallas(in October for the RRR)
4. Traveling more when work gets busier.
5. Attending sporting events
6. Making more money from blogging
7. Warmer weather
8. Working out at the gym

8 Things that Happened Yesterday:
1. Posted on my two blogs.
2. Worked out at the gym.
3. Dropped ECs and adgitized.
4. Talked to friends on Twitter.
5. Watched Hope For Haiti Now last night.
6. Had Subway after working out.
7. Found out that SDWHH and I had the same results on the animal personality quiz.
8. Found out from my blogger friend Stacey that one person REALLY hates bloggers. Proud to see my friend take a gigantic stand on that!

8 Things I Love about Winter:
1. Playing indoor sports(mainly basketball).
2. Easier to get workouts in without the heat.
3. I dislike winter.
4. I really dislike winter.
5. In fact, I hate winter.
6. I really hate winter.
7. I like warm weather better.
8. I really like warm weather better.

8 Things I Am Passionate about:
1. Spending time with family and friends.
2. Working out(Can't you tell by now?).
3. Traveling.
4. Blogging and/or writing.
5. Playing sports.
6. Making money.
7. Making more friends.
8. Chatting with friends and family.

8 Words/Phrases I Often Use:
1. What??
2. You've got to be kidding me.
3. Hey buddy!
4. Later bro or sis(depending on who I'm talking to)
5. What kind of Mickey Mouse Operation are you running here?(when I jokingly question my bosses on what they're doing)
6. I could have went the rest of the day without knowing that(after someone says something gross or sick).
7. Seriously, I'm going to Wal-Mart to buy a baby stroller because I'm really getting tired of carrying you around all day(joking with co-workers after finishing a project and they're still not done with their work).
8. Your company/store runs only as good as the person in charge of it(use that all the time in my line of work).

8 Things I Learned from the Past:
1. Dealing with the good and the bad.
2. Taking care of yourself first.
3. Save money.
4. Give respect, get respect.
5. Take care of your health.
6. Think before you act.
7. It's better to have objectiveness and open mind than to be closed minded without listening to another side of a story or argument.
8. Listening to people that are more successful than you are.

8 Blog Friends We Want to Tag:
1. Six Million Dollar Blogger(Bionic Blogger)
4. LJ
5. Monica(Ms. Turn-U-Off)(No, she doesn't actually)
6. Ane
7. Jenny
8. Maxi
I'll pass this to Lainy and BM, too.

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Wishing on a Falling Star

I Blog, I Care Movement

I Blog, I Care Movement

Calling All Bloggers!

1. Copy the "I Blog, I Care" badge and the rules (1 to 6) on this page.
2. Post these in one or all your blogs.
3. Tag/invite your other friends to join by sharing this with them.
4. Leave your post URL here: The Twitterer: I Blog, I Care Movement
5. For every fifteen (15) blogs joining the I Blog, I Care Movement, a $1.00 donation will be given to the International Committee of the Red Cross. You can also donate directly here: http://www.icrc.org.
6. Spread the love and show you care.

Thanks to Sheryl Rose, author of the twitterer for starting this. I won't tag anyone, but those of my friends and anyone that has a blog should grab this to post on your site.

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BWE Disclosed: January 2010

Note: This is fictional, and none of this is to be taken seriously. It is about BWE(Blog Wrestling Entertainment) in which bloggers are written into storylines. This is kayfabe which means the entire entry is part of storylines with some facts to make it work. Some of the opinions expressed here are inside jokes amongst us as well. And yes, the locations and travel are NOT real.

BWE Disclosed returns for the new year with divas! Here are the BWE performers that are on the cover: Mariuca(Perfume Gallery host), SDWHH Gagay, Maxi, Lady Java, BWE Management Director Amiable Amy, Hip Hop Blogger Mileka, Ms. Turn-U-Off Monica, Beyond Hot DJ Tammy, & Hit Me! star Dhemz! The divas talk about BWE and you'll get their thoughts what you can expect to see from them in 2010!

Plus, we give you previews for the next BWE Pay-For-View, the Blogger's Rumble live from S&J Arena in Alhambra, CA!

Pick up the latest issue with your favorite BWE divas at newsstands and most retailers everywhere!

P.S. I hope those on the cover can hold off on suing me for this! LOL!

Previous BWE Disclosed covers:
June 2009
July 2009: DJ Tammy
October 2009: Amiable Amy
November 2009: Dhemz

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Blogger's Tale: My BED Drug Testing

Note: This is not to be taken seriously, and is purely fictional.

ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

My daily thoughts and moods changed when WBE Blog of Fame finalists were accused of using BED(Blog Enhancement Drugs), and were subject to sessions in a therapy home. Me and my blog weren't above being tested either, and my life's perception and inspiration had just changed drastically.

Life according to me goes beyond photography, but I wasn't interested in another one of those Unsolved Mysteries of the World because this can ruin a simple happy life!

It wasn't my piece of paradise to get tested at the hospital, but the latest buzz was that the Pinoy Medical Doctor was going to administer the testing.

I was glad I wasn't at mom's place and that she didn't know my exact whereabouts. I would rather listen to Lainy's Musings than her tell me about not following my steps and journey. You know the way family can be.

The least the hospital could have done was have me wait in Lady Java's Lounge while I went over business matters, but that obviously didn't happen. There were blogger cats running around everywhere, and the only books to read were Meow Diaries. I would have escaped testing had I known that, but that was the way I used to be. Still, can someone tell me where Chuchie's Hideaway is?

Seriously, I couldn't watch a sports pay-for-view or have some pynk candy while I waited. I mean, I couldn't even read about helping you win your fantasy football, baseball, basketball, and hockey leagues ovah coffee. I couldn't even step out to go to the Hip Hop Pop and RnB Stop to listen to the newest hits because of this. Where's the magazines with women and their sexy legs and body? It wasn't worth the wait.

For some reason before being called, I was reading Levian's blog while eating a nachos grande when I felt sick to my stomach. It wasn't because I was in a perfume gallery instead of a lounge. It wasn't Gagay doing the testing.

The person doing the testing would turn-u-off quickly. A woman remembers seeing this person, and said she definitely wasn't the certified fashionable chic. I guess she didn't care about that woman's self esteem when saying it out loud.

I left the hospital after testing while running into someone claiming they were a Walking Newspaper. The person told me a lot about anything under the sun, but it was the front page tabloid that didn't give me one of those moments to remember. The person made me mad saying the clipping was going in a scrap collection!

If that's not bad enough, I had to use my persuasion to convince my real-life friend Cashewredneck to find someone with good insights on things that matter most as well as someone who could give me a frank angle, too. Even that was one of those challenges of life.

Eventually, he recommended someone who is in a league of her own about legal advice. Even me being the ultimate optimist, I was disappointed to find out she was scouting a designated hotter when I called. I was really counting on her thoughts, ideas, and resources. And I couldn't even get paid travel time for this either. The truth hurts like freedom! So much for wishing on a falling star for something to go right!

I decided on my own that flying low about this would be best, so I made a small note about it. I had to move as iTraveled as people found out more about the bitz 'n pieces of my life reading daily snippets. The people, places, events, good food, and my life would never be the same again.

So I sold my house, and studied a traveler's notebook to find that Stacey Avenue is in a great location. It's Analou's place to remember in case I forget.

Well, that wraps up one of those chapters of my life. I'm reminded that life is what you make it. Just don't savor 'd flavor of reading my thoughts on daily living knowing of my BED testing!

I hope you enjoyed!

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LadyJava Life's Pages

YouSayToo Awards

For those that are members of YouSayToo, you're aware of the awards they have as well as a chance for one member to win a $1,000 holiday dream gift. You can also be one of nine bloggers chosen to win fun gifts as well.

More traffic, SEO optimization, and earning more revenue for you or by donation are reasons why you should sign up on YouSayToo. As long as you add your blog before January 31 and have content on it posted before November 30, 2009, you are eligible to enter.

Fun Gift
Looking at the fun gifts, I have to say I'm a fan of the Retro Web Cam. The camera looks just like from the old Hollywood days which can now be used on web cam. A microphone is already built in, too. I just like the look of it.

My $1,000 holiday dream gift
Since I do travel a lot in my line of work, I would like to take a vacation for myself if I won this. I have several places in mind to visit, and this would go along way to accomplishing that for me.

Why I should win
The biggest reason I can say is that I don't blog like anyone else you see. I like to entertain with creativity or just to be informative in my way with story-telling or promotion of other bloggers I know. And while this site is listed under sports on YST, Basic Bloganomics is WAY more than that.

So checkout YouSayToo today to enter for your chance to win a $1,000 holiday dream gift!

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Blog Makeover with LadyJava Creations

Music Monday: Bad Bad Man(John Cena)

I like all kinds of music, and I'm in the mood to post a rap single for my very first Music Monday!

I remember when this CD came out in 2005, and I was in Dover, Delaware the day it was released. I recall going to lunch from the location I was working at and picking the CD up at the mall there in town. After arriving back to work, I played the CD and song on the CD player we had there as we setup the store. Since the Office Depot store wasn't open yet, we could play music. The manager of the store HATED rap music of any kind. I mean, really hated it. I like all types myself.

So we played the CD, and the manager was angry about it. But I didn't care, and I wish we could have played this video on the TV that was on the floor to make him mad, too. LOL!

As most everyone knows, I'm a John Cena fan(this blog is named after his "Basic Thuganomics" song) and this video is just too funny. It's funny an A-Team movie is coming this year, and this is a great spoof of that here. I like that they added Gary Coleman as a character and that the 1980s were kidnapped! LOL! Enjoy this one!

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post link here. You can grab this code at LJL Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

PS: Because of spamming purposes, the linky will be closed on Thursday of each week at midnight, Malaysian Time. Thank you!

Do You Think You're Hot Tag

Once again, I received this same tag - this time from my very hot friend Gagay of The Latest Buzzzz. So because she took the time to mention me, and she's a good blogger friend of mine, I'm posting another one here for her. Thanks GG for the tag!

----------Start Here!----------

Copy and answer the questions (but don't copy the answers of the one who tagged you!).

Do you think you're hot?
It's winter time here in the USA, and I haven't been to the doctor yet to see if I have a fever. Ironically, I was tagged for this by a doctor. Hmmm...

Please Upload your favorite picture:

Why do you love this picture?
It reminds me of my vacation to Dallas last October, and the many things I did there. Plus, I had a different pic up the last time I posted this tag.

When was the last time you ate pizza?
About a month ago.

What was the latest song you've heard?
As I'm typing this, Empire State of Mind is playing.

What are you doing while working on this game?
Preparing for the week ahead and checking the latest sports news and blogs around.

What is your favorite nickname?
Mr. D has taken off well, and I've taking a liking to it.

What kind of person are you?
You can check my profile to know some about me, but not all.

What is your favorite song?
I like all types of songs and music to list just one.

What is your favorite food?
I like seafood more than anything.

What is the most stressful thing to you?
Running BWE Promotions and putting up with some of the class of characters I have there. LOL! No stressful thing to me compares to some of the tragedies that many go through everyday.

Mention the 3 must-have items in your purse.

LOL! I'll put this in the NA(Not Applicable) category.

What is your favorite color/s?

Red and blue.

What is your not full-filled-yet dream?

Retiring early and vacationing around the world.

What is your favorite city to stay?

Chicago. My favorite professional teams play there, and what scenic view!

I'm going to pass this to anyone else that wants to post this tag. Have at it my friend!

Tiger Buddies Award

I received this Tiger Buddies award from my good friend Jenny after she messaged me on my cbox about it. Jenny just recently went through a template change on her site, and it fits her well. Thanks again for the award my dear friend!

The award itself is about wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous year.

Now I'm passing this to the following people:
Paul H, Lester's Legends, A Frank Angle, 3rdStone, tripzibit, Rad, Arnie, Maxi, Amy, Lainy, Ria, Star, Stacey, Dhemz, Jane, Meryl, S-H-Y, Chuchie, Dorothy L, Ron Centeno, Bill, Obing, Bloggista, Denani, Cacai M, Madz, Eden, Sharon, levian, Rosilie, Grace, Sera, Beng, Katherine, Vhing, Clarissa, Shydub, Jade, Yen, Grace Draper, Flo Li, Lily Arbee, Titan, Lulu, Lisa, Lyla, Bea, Janet, Cecile, Cookie, Hopeful, Familyblog, SassyChick, Czaroma, Angie, Bogcess, Mel, Sunny, Sweet_Shelo, Amazing Grace, Niko, Analou, Fe, Krisel, Chris, Phebie, Kaye, Gagay, Mariuca, Monica, Lady Java, Ane, Zorlone, Kathy, Jenie, Lina, Tekkaus, Czacza, & any of my other friends not mentioned.