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The Favorite Blogs Award Seal was passed to me by my good Malaysian friend Lily Arbee. Lily is one of the most supportive and helpful bloggers around. Also, she is a devoted lover of cats which is clear when you go to her page. Lily covers many topics, so be sure to stop by if you haven't done so yet. Thanks again Lily for the mention!

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Today In History: May 31

Here are some significant events that took place on May 31.....

1983: In the NBA, the Philadelphia 76ers complete a four-game sweep of the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals. The 76ers went 12-1 in the NBA Playoffs with their only loss coming to the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals. It wouldn't be until 2001 when the Lakers went 15-1 where a team had a better winning percentage and record in the entire NBA Playoffs.

U.S. News
1790: The first federal copyright is passed into law as the Copyright Act of 1790 is signed by George Washington.

1927: In Detroit, Michigan, the last Ford Model T rolls off the assembly line after over 15 million were made in its production run.

1971: After the Uniform Holiday Monday Act is passed by Congress in 1968, Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May for the first time ever. Previously, the holiday was celebrated every year on May 30.

World News
1279 BC: In Ancient Egypt, Ramesses II(The Great) becomes pharaoh. Many historians consider him the best pharaoh, and his reign of Ancient Egypt lasted over 66 years.

1859: In London, England, the famous Big Ben clock begins ticking. It is the world's largest four-sided clock tower and third largest free-standing clock tower.

1910: The Union of South Africa is created.

1911: The popular British class passenger liner RMS Titanic launches after it took over two years to build. The voyage was completed in March 1912, but the ship famously sank the following month.

1961: The Republic of South Africa is founded. They gained independence from United Kingdom.

1970: In Peru, the worst natural disaster in the country's history takes place as the Ancash earthquake results in a landslide that kills between 40,000-80,000 people.

BWE & EBW Present Jakarta Encounter

BWE/EBW Jakarta Encounter
Tripzibit Resort in Jakarta, Indonesia

The following presentation is rated R (For language and extreme violence)
Viewer discretion is advised.
Close captioning where it is available by pressing the CC button on your controller.
Trust us, it's there.
Now available in High Definition (HD)!
Note: The matches are truly fictional and scripted. This show isn't meant to put any team, player, member, race, or culture down. This is just for fun, so if you don't like it then you have the right to read another blog. Being that I've written wrestling storylines and I'm familar with the business, I decided to create this. Again, this is scripted, so the outcome of the matches might not be what you expect in trying to put together entertainment for members and fans. Enjoy, and DO NOT take this seriously.

(An opening video plays, highlighting the many transgressions of the EBW General Manager Paul Huffaker, including costing Lester’s Legends the EBW Title match at Blogger’s Rumble, the Women’s Title set-up, and finishing with the brass knuckles shot to Miatay, all the while his announcement of the formation of the Agents of Chaos plays in between.)

(A special opening video plays highlighting the superstars of BWE & EBW!)

(The opening pyro begins as two red fireworks shoot up to the stage, setting off a massive pyro display that engulfs the stage in amazing color! Then, a pyro shoots across the rafters of the arena, falling into the ring to set off a second pyro display!)

(Camera cuts to a wide shot of the arena as the crowd is electric after the display.)

Joe Payne: Welcome to a special presentation of BWE & EBW! This is the Jakarta Encounter, live on Basic Bloganomics! What’s up everyone; I’m Joe Payne! I’ll be calling the action for EBW, and along with me is the one and only Sabre Blade!

Sabre: Thanks Joe! I will handle the play-by-play for BWE tonight, and we will bring you all the action you’ve come to expect from the leader in blog wrestling entertainment! Let’s go to the ring for our first…

(“Famous” by Puddle of Mudd hits as the Agents of Chaos interrupt, led by the EBW GM Paul Huffaker. The mood changes drastically as the crowd is now booing the AOC as they make their way to the ring. The EBW Champion guardian of the galaxy holds his title aloft to antagonize the crowd even more, and BWE Women’s Champion soadrules kisses her title, leaving a lipstick kiss mark on it. Yankees3Fan7 is the most uncaring of all. He just stares towards the ring, almost ready to reach into the audience and attack one of the fans. As they get in the ring, the GM demands a microphone.)

Paul H: I want to let everyone know that Miatay is doing fine after her match against yours truly on EBW UnCut. I kept my promise to her. She has had the finest medical attention at a hospital in The Philippines. I gave her a chance to back out of that match, and she declined. So I accept no responsibility for what happened to her. And thanks, Julie for keeping those knuxs handy!

As for tonight, I have a few announcements to make. First, I would like to announce that at No Recovery, there will be a Ladder match called Money in the Blog. 6 men will compete, 3 from BWE & 3 from EBW. Hanging above the ring will be a Blog Roll that is rolled up like a scroll. When opened, the scroll reveals a contract that guarantees the winner a Championship match whenever, wherever! And the first entrant from EBW is standing in this very ring! He is the man who will revolutionize the ladder match as you know it, Yankees3Fan7!

Y3F7: I’m going to make this simple so everyone here will understand; I am going to stop at nothing to get that contract. I am going to climb the ladder to get the contract. I am going to challenge the BWE Champion, and I am going to bring that title to EBW, so that we have both World Championships, and the Agents of Chaos prove to everyone that we are the most dominate faction ever assembled! It is not destiny; it is fate.

Paul: You guys in the ladder match are screwed! (laughs)

Julie: Sorry to interrupt Paul, but I wanted to know what my match is going to be. Considering loriebamafan is still on the shelf after being taken out by the WHFB a few months ago, and on UnCut a few weeks ago poor Miatay met that powerful right hand of yours! (laughs) I don’t have an opponent. What are you going to do about that?

Paul: Julie, I have that all taken care of. I am happy to announce that at No Recovery, Julie aka Soadrules, will defend her Women’s Championship against T&R Girl in a rematch from UnCut last year!

Julie: I just hope that it doesn’t take a chop to pin my bff this time!

Paul: Just don’t use the finger poke! Vince Russo isn’t booking this place! Shifting gears, I would like to talk about the Congressional investigation regarding BWE’s use of underage performers. Like me or hate me, you cannot deny that I have complied with the investigators and truthfully answered all their questions. However, I can’t say the same for the BWE GM, who kept holding up the investigation. Well, KDL finally decided to call it quits, and now BWE is GM-less. But this Afrank Angle is hellbent on being the new GM so that he can “clean up both brands.” Well, that’s unacceptable, so Franky, get your ass out here now!

(The camera turns to the stage in anticipation of the Afrank Angle. The stage is empty, but when a familiar song plays through the arena, the crowd goes nuts!)

Sabre: Oh my God!!! The Boss is back! BWE CEO David Funk is here! What an ovation!

(David Funk scans the crowd and smiles before his eyes come to rest in the ring on the AOC. His smile shrinks and he raises a microphone.)

Funk: Hey Paul! Looks like you called at the only gold medal winning blogger in BWE history! And, you got well....the boss instead. I'm not Tony Danza or Bruce Springsteen! I'm in fact the BWE CEO! So if anyone is going to be cleaning up both brands, YOU are looking at him!

(Huge Face POP)

Funk: First thing I'm going to talk about is the BWE Women's Title match at No Recovery! See Julie, it is true that your match with T&R Girl is signed in writing.
(Julie smiles)
Funk: But a match of this magnitude isn't just about one brand defending the gold amongst itself. So I'm adding to it. After all, it is the BWE Women's Title. So at the biggest PFV in BWE history, it will be the BWE Women's Champion soadrules defending the title against T&R Girl! And also defending the title against SEC AU Growwwl and texasadlerfan from BWE Throwdown! I have another announcement regarding the No Recovery later tonight, but now it is time to talk about Jakarta Encounter!

(Julie is shocked and mad)
Funk: Oh you're mad now, Julie. I want to talk about tonight now! Well, you can actually put a smile on your face because Growwwl and Tex are here in Jakarta! So since T&R Guy as well as the EBW Lightweight Champion are here, and looked ready for in-ring competition, they are going to be teaming up with soadrules and T&R Girl against....Tex, Growwwl, REIGNBLOOD, and FBkid in the first ever inter-gender eight-man tag team match in BWE history!
(Huge Face POP)

(Now Funk looks directly at Paul)
Funk: Oh, but that isn't all. You seem ready for in-ring competition, Paul. You want to call out Afrank Angle, and think you're in charge in all of BWE? It is true that you are in the event the boss isn't here which makes you...well...no longer in charge of this show! Since you looked very impressive against a 95-pound woman in your last match(Funk is rolling his eyes now), it seems you're prepared for combat tonight!

(Paul is angry now)
Funk: Tonight, it will be you, guardian, teaming up with the EBW GM Paul Huffaker! Your opponents: The Phoenix and Lester's Legends!
(Huge Face POP)

Funk: I thought you would like that Paul! But before I get back to tending to real business backstage, I want to break off a little rap for ya!

"We've seen your power trip, and know what level you'll stoop,
But Julie helped you beat miatay, so we know who wears the pants in your group,
Your job isn't a game, and this isn't Magna Carta,
You don't have the night off - your in action in Jakarta,
Julie thought she got a free pass again to defend her title,
If she loses the belt, she can audition for American Idol!
I'm not Bruce Springsteen, but I'm your boss,
The BWE CEO is not one guy you want to cross,
For all you've done, you're lucky I've given you a pass,
Jakarta is looking forward to Lester and Phoenix kickin' your ass!"

(Huge Face POP)

Funk: Better lace up the boots and get ready Paul! And Julie, your match is next!
(Paul is stunned as is the rest of AOC as Funk walks away from the ring)

Ring Announcer: The opening contest of Jakarta Encounter is an 8-Person Mixed Tag Team Match, set for one fall! Already in the ring, the "Diva Dynasty," T&R Girl and the BWE Women's Champion Soadrules! Their tag team partners! T&R Guy! And from The Peach State of Georgia, he is the EBW Lightweight Champion Wassup!

(The reluctant tag team partners hit the ring together, but for no apparent reason, T&R Guy seems to be trying the put over Wassup. He even goes so far as to thumb down the fans for booing him and says "Hey, that's the Champ!")

Ring Announcer: Introducing their opponents! First, representing Raider Nation, here is the man known as REIGNBLOOD! Along with him is the Fbkid!

(Reign is staring a hole through T&R Guy as he makes his way to the ring. Fbkid is more excited and his energy gets the crowd on their feet.)

Next, from Auburn, Alabama, she is the most ferocious tiger in the jungle, SEC AU Growwwl! And her partner, from the Lone Star State of Texas, Texasadlerfan!!!

(The divas of BWE are ready to fight as they hit the ring in a blaze, sights set on the "Diva Dynasty!"

8-Person Mixed Tag:
"Diva Dynasty," T&R Guy, & Wassup vs. Reignblood, Fbkid, SEC AU Growwwl, & Texasadlerfan

Joe Payne: This should be an interesting match as we have an 8-person intergender tag team match; several rivalries are heating up between members of the opposing teams. Reignblood and T&R Guy have been out for each other for a while, and the intensity of this rivalry is beginning to heat up. Fbkid will also be going up against Wassup for the Lightweight Championship at No Recovery, as well as a 4-way match for the BWE Women’s Championship between the four female participants in this match.

Sabre: Reignblood and Wassup start, and they lock up in the middle of the ring. Wassup tries to put Reignblood in a headlock, but he shoves him off. Wassup runs for the ropes and ducks a clothesline, off the ropes and gets powerslammed by Reignblood. Wassup scrambles to the corner to make the tag to Soadrules, and Reignblood tags Texasadlerfan. Texasadlerfan gives Soadrules an armdrag that leads into an armbar. Soadrules reverses by grabbing her by the hair and turning it into a DDT. Soadrules tags out to T&R Guy, who grabs Texasadlerfan and pulls her away from making the tag! Reignblood and Fbkid are infuriated with T&R Guy’s actions, and Reignblood tries to take a swing at him from the corner. T&R Guy looks like he wants a piece of Reignblood and Fbkid, and the referee breaks his grip on her to allow Fbkid to be tagged in. They start brawling and T&R Guy headbutts Fbkid and then slams his head into the corner! He then raises his leg and puts his boot in Fbkid’s face. SEC AU Growwwl runs over to that corner and rakes the eyes of T&R Guy!! T&R Guy looks like he is going to retaliate, and goes after her!! Reignblood jumps into the ring before T&R Guy can get his hands on SEC! And now everyone comes in to fight! The referee calls for the bell!! Reignblood and T&R Guy have to be separated by security!! You know that it is not over for these two, things are seriously picking up between them!

Winners- Match thrown out by Referee

Blog Commercial:
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(Camera cuts backstage to the AOC in a state of shock in the GM’s Office.)
Paul: Damnit! I thought you took him out! (Furiously, clears off his desk.)

Y3F7: I thought you wanted the other guy taken out. How the hell am I supposed to eliminate the CEO?

Paul: If I knew that, I wouldn't be in the ring tonight, now would I? I should have known he would screw up everything! Damn! I should have known he would pull something like that! Damn rapping poser! His freestyling makes me want to vomit! (Huge heel pop) Well, if Dave wants to play chicken, I’m putting myself in the driver’s seat. Spread the word, I am placing a bounty on the heads of Lester’s Legends & The Phoenix! I won’t have to compete if they don’t make it to the Main Event! 1,000,000 blog views to whoever eliminates those two!

Guardian: (While holding a lead pipe.) Don’t worry, boss. I’m going to finish what I started 6 months ago.

Joe: That doesn’t sound promising. Somebody’s gonna get hurt tonight. We will follow this story throughout the night here at the Jakarta Encounter.

Sabre: Switching gears, we have some great action, in-ring, tonight!

Ring Announcer: The next match is a Double Qualifying Match for the final two spots in the Money in the Blog Ladder Match at No Recovery! Introducing first, 3rdStoneFromTheSun!

(3rdStone makes his way to the ring in a flurry as he prepares for the match.)

Ring Announcer: And introducing his partner! Nacho Cheesing his way to the ring, here is fanofreds!

(A big plate of nachos are served to the fans in the front row near the entrance ramp as fanofreds hands them out to his fans.)

Ring Announcer: Their opponents, first the owner of the e-Diner, dking!

(Dking makes his way to the ring sporting a Phoenix Suns jersey which he tosses into the crowd as he poses in the ring.)

Ring Announcer: And his partner, from the Show Me State, this is enova!

(Enova slaps hands with fans as he hits the ring. There is immediate tension in the ring between he and his partner, and it is plainly obvious.)

Sabre: Hey Joey, how can these two be partners when they look ready to tear each other apart?

Joe: I’m not sure. These two have had some great matches recently, and it was enova’s win over dking in the Falls Count Anywhere match at the Draft show that caused dking to be drafted to EBW in the first place! But let’s not hand the match to 3rdStone & FOF just yet. These two are not a long time tag team. How well can they work together?

Money in the Blog Double Qualifier:
dking & enova vs. 3rdStoneFromTheSun & Fanofreds

Sabre: It’s all about the Money in the Blog Ladder match at No Recovery! BTW, I am looking forward to calling that match with you, Joe. Can you imagine what risks those 6 men will take to get a guaranteed title shot?

Joe: No but we will see it one month from now in Texas! Dking & Enova can’t decide who will start the match. Now, they’re shoving each other. Remember what’s at stake guys! 3rdStone has had enough and he spins enova around and knocks him silly with a big right hand! A shot under the chin knocks him for a loop. Enova’s in the corner, trying to catch his breath, but 3rd wants to stay on the attack and he runs at him full speed with a huge clothesline!

Sabre: When your opponents reeling early you have to go after him. Nice shot to the gut there. Enova is begging off and he ducks under the bottom rope. Enova is on the outside desperate for a breath. But here comes 3rdStone over the top rope! What a Senton! Dking is trying to get involved. He’s not the legal man, but that doesn’t really matter on the outside. A big chop by dking sends 3rdStone back a step. Enova trips up 3rd and he falls to the mat.

Joe: Fanofreds seems to be unhappy with the 2 on 1 of his partner. He’s moving quick, and he comes across the ring and slides out with a dropkick to dking! FOF is laying in on dking as the ref’s 10 count has reached 6. FOF throws his partner in but enova slides in also! The ref is separating fanofreds & dking here in front of us, and that little moment is giving enova a chance to bend the rules a bit.

Sabre: If this is bending I don’t want to see breaking! Enova just pulled 3rdStone in between the top & 2nd turnbuckle sending his shoulder into the steel ring post! And now he’s pulling off the protective padding from the top turnbuckle! That exposes the steel bolt that holds the ropes in place. 3rd’s grabbing his injured shoulder and he needs to make the tag. That’s not going to happen right now though. Enova tags in dking. They begin to isolate 3rdStone. Shot to the shoulder there. And now an arm wrench. Just working that arm. This is a very painful move and it’s also very simple. Don’t believe me? Find one of your buddies and tell them to grab your arm and twist. Hurts like hell!

Joe: Out of the arm wrench, dking has yanked hard and 3rd’s on the ground just crawling toward his corner. Fanofeds is doing all he can to get this capacity crowd on their feet and willing 3rd to the tag. But that sick leg drop across the bad shoulder stops all the momentum! My God, that could have separated his shoulder! What’s he thinking?

Sabre: He’s thinking the gold at the end of the rainbow is that title shot he’s going to win at No Recovery! Is that a vise? Yes it is! Great submission move here known by some fans as the anaconda vise used by WWE’s CM Punk! He’s bending the arm and then pulling on the head at the same time! He may tap out here! He’s reaching for the ropes. He’s so close but he’s not close enough!

Joe: Fanofreds has had enough as he kicks dking in the back of the head, which breaks the hold! The ref admonishes FOF, but that was enough to get things going in his direction. FOF is holding out for the tag!

Sabre: Dking makes the tag to enova!

Joe: And there’s the tag to fanofreds! Here we go! Big clothesline by FOF! And a chop! Then a shot to dking to knock him off the apron! FOF is on fire! Enova’s in the corner, and FOF is stomping him hard! He’s gonna stomp a hole through the poor man! FOF takes time to get the crowd cheering him on, but it was too much time as enova’s back up and he whips FOF into the ropes. Dking tries to smack FOF but misses. Fanofreds springs off the middle rope and catches enova with a specatacular spinning DDT! WOW!!! Cover! 1-2-3! What a move!

Winners and the Final Qualifiers for Money in the Blog at No Recovery- fanofreds & 3rdStoneFromTheSun

Joe: The match is set for No Recovery! It will be Money in the Blog Ladder Match! 3 Superstars from BWE- Philly The Kid, lanz1, & ztw0; 3 Superstars from EBW- Yankees3Fan7, fanofreds, & 3rdStoneFromTheSun, will compete to be the first to grab the scroll hanging above the ring which will guarantee its holder a title shot at either the BWE or EBW Champion whenever he chooses!

Sabre: Sorry to interrupt the hard sell there, Joe. But it looks like some fireworks are about to explode here!

Joe: Thanks. That shoving match earlier between dking & enova is intensifying! And there they go! They are trading punches as EBW Officials try to separate them! Dking is loose and he spears enova to the ground and fires off a few fists! They are brawling all the way to the back! We’re going to try to get a camera on this and see if these two can be separated.

(Camera cuts backstage to Lester's Legends in the locker room with The Phoenix.)

Lester: Look, I don't know what your prophecy is all about. And I really could care less at this point. All that matters to me is making it to the main event tonight and finally getting my hands on the no good bastards who cost me the title. So with this bounty crap going on, I figure if we work together, we can squash the bounty hunters and get to business.

Phoenix (Looking at him with contempt): You worry about championships? They tried to end my career, my life, and all you care about is a golden belt? I am going to destroy the Agents of Chaos. I will take them apart one by one until just the champion is standing, and then I will take my time in eliminating him. And I will not just eliminate him from EBW; I will eliminate his entire existance! While I may not appreciate your methods, I must agree that we are both in serious danger if anyone tries to fulfill the bounty. I will help you until the main event. Then, you are on your own.

(They shake hands to seal the deal. As they turn to leave, however, the door to the locker room bursts open and Troll of Famer comes after Lester with a steel chair! Lester ducks and Troll destroys a lamp. He then takes a shot at Phoenix, but misses and clangs the chair off the closest locker. The chair falls to the floor, and Troll charges at the two. Unfortunately, he forgot about the chair, which he slips on and falls face-first onto knocking him out cold.)

Lester: That was stupid.

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Sabre: Welcome back to the longest running, non-weekly, episodic blog wrestling entity on the internet! This is BWE Promotions!

Joe: I think our friends at PCW might take offense to that, but we will cross the bridge when we get there. Let's go to the ring for our next match!

Ring Announcer: This next match is by order of EBW General Manager Paul Huffaker. Introducing first, from the Jersey shore, here is Yankees3Fan7!

(Y3F7 is nearly licking his lips in anticipation of the upcoming match.)

Ring Announcer: His opponent, from Los Angeles, California, here is the man of purple & gold, LakerKev!

Yankees3Fan7 vs. LakerKev

Joe Payne: LakerKev makes his way to the ring, but it is apparent that he is in no condition to fight, as he is currently injured and almost being sacrificed at EBW UnCut! Y3F7 wastes no time and goes to work on Kev, throwing shots at him in the corner as the bell rings! He then picks him up, and gives him a scoop-slam in the middle of the ring. Y3F7 picks him up again, and Kev fights back! They trade blows, but eventually Y3F7 gets the upper hand. He begins throwing punches at him in the corner! Y3F7 throws him into the ropes and gives Kev a powerslam. He goes for the pin, and only gets 2! How can Kev withstand this? Y3F7 easily picks him up, and gives him a cutter! He pins him and gets the 1-2-3!

Winner- Yankees3Fan7

(Camera cuts backstage to Lester hanging out with some of the production crew. Reignblood calls his name and he walks toward him. Someone comes out of nowhere and charges at Lester. Lester sneezes, and the unlucky guy goes sailing right past Lester, into the side of a garbage dumpster. He appears to be knocked out from the impact. Lester smiles at the camera and grabs a can of red spray paint. He marks the guy as damaged and destroyed with the spray paint, then tosses him into the dumpster and slams the lid.)

Joe: It's getting crazy around here, just the way we like it in EBW!
Sabre: I call gimmick infringement! We'll be back in just a moment!

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(The Phoenix is shown backstage looking for someone. He bumps into a tall individual wearing sunglasses and doesn't seem to notice.)

Guy: Hey! Are you The Phoenix?
Phoenix: Yeah, who are you?

Guy: Me? I'm the Bounty Hunter!
Phoenix: You mean Dog?

Guy: No, that's a registered trademark! I'm the lesser known Dawg, the Bounty Hunter. And your bounty has come up!
Phoenix: Alright, fine. Can you just meet me in here in a minute, I need to go take out a life insurance policy.

(Dawg is led through a door and goes inside. Phoenix shuts the door, revealing it to be a broom closet! He locks the door and blocks it with a garbage dumpster that he drags in front of it.)

Phoenix: Sucker.

Ring Announcer: This next contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from the Philippines now residing in Soderham, Sweden! One of the hottest Pinay bloggers on the internet, Maxi!

(Maxi brings the sold out crowd to their feet as she makes her way to the ring!)

Ring Announcer: Her partner, from The Darkness, Twinks Blogula!

(The lights go out in the arena as a single spotlight shines on the stage to follow the arrival of the vampire known as Twinks. She appears to be drooling blood from the corners of her mouth. Once in the ring, Twinks whispers something to Maxi, but her reaction cannot be seen as it’s too darn dark in the arena!)

Ring Announcer: And their opponents, two of the members of the organization known as the WHFB, We Hate Female Bloggers!

(WHFB’s music hits as the crowd is already booing the WHFB before they can even come out! After a minute or so, no one has come out. The ref sends a producer to the back to see what’s going on, but Twinks grabs a microphone from the scared ring announcer.)

Twinks: … (The blood continues to drool from her mouth, and several fans in the front row are growing nervous as she appears ready to pounce. Maxi takes the mic cautiously from Twinks.)

Maxi: Umm… Gosh, gosh, I’m not sure how to say this, so let me just try to say it. Twinks just told me the WHFB won’t be making it out here for the match. I’m sad because I wanted to put on a show for all the BWE fans! But that won’t be the case tonight. I’m sorry for that. I guess we will have to make our official BWE debuts another time.

(Camera cuts to the ThrowdownTron and the producer who was sent backstage to find the WHFB. He’s with JDIN827 who is relaying back info to the fans.)

JD: We found the WHFB! And they’re knocked out! They are unresponsive! We don’t know what happened. Are those bite marks on their neck?

(Camera cuts to a shot of Twinks Blogula, but the lights go out! When they come back on, Twinks is gone and seems to have vanished into thin air!)

Sabre: Where did Twinks Blogula go? She’s not a real vampire, is she?

(The Phoenix is seen walking out of the locker room. Suddenly, an metal crate comes roaring past him on wheels, completely missing him! Phoenix looks to see who tried to take him out, but no one is there.)

Blog Commercial:
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Haterade is the official sponsor of the WBE Troll of Fame.

(Cameras show tripzibit, Lyla Fitri, Obing, and Flo Li at ringside checking out the action)

Sabre: What a night so far, and there you see some of Indonesia's favorite bloggers at ringside enjoying the action!

Ring Announcer: Our next match is a 10-Man Tag Team Match, scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, Chris Littman, Spencer Hall, Dan Shanoff, Large Larzelere, and Dan Steinberg! They are The Sporting Blog!

(Lukewarm response for the TSB as they make their way to the ring.)

Ring Announcer: Their opponents, whose combined weight would make Yokozuna look small by comparison!, the team of Kenny Kumar, Blue Monkey, "The World's Most Dangerous Blogger" hdiaz, wiltfongjr, & the MadMan!

(Great face pop for the 5 as they make their way to the ring, strategizing how best to handle 10 men in the same match.)

10-Man Tag:
TSB vs. Kumar, Monkey, hdiaz, wilfongjr, & MadMan

Sabre: Probably not good for TSB that “The World’s Most Dangerous Blogger,” hdiaz is starting the match for his team. I can’t be sure who’s starting the match for Team TSB. To be honest, I don’t think it really matters because hdiaz is looking to beat the fool out of someone tonight! There’s the bell, and here we go! Wow! Hdiaz just sidestepped the charge and quickly locked in the rear naked choke! That was so quick we barely had time to see it!

Joe: He’s really cinched in that hold! Sabre, the poor guy’s face is turning purple! He better tap out, or hdiaz won’t have to release the hold!

Sabre: TSB has had enough and they are in to kick hdiaz in the head, hoping to break the hold. Here comes Kenny Kumar with a big clothesline on two TSB’ers! MadMan hops in with wiltfongjr as does the Blue Monkey and all hell has broken loose! I didn’t expect the ref to keep this match together long, and he didn’t last 5 freaking minutes! Great job, ref. The bell is ringing, but it’s not stopping this all-out brawl that has unleashed here! There is action all over ringside as Kenny Kumar is beating the fool out of one TSB member! Another is taking shots at wiltfongjr. Two TSB’ers are double teaming hdiaz with one kicking him in the head, the other grabs his arm and is twisting as hard as possible. What the hell is going on in the ring? Oh my!!! Blue Monkey Suicide Dive through the ropes onto everybody!!! This crowd is going crazy for the insane Monkey of Blue!!! That was sick! Let’s see it again! Hdiaz leads his team into the ring as they have taken care of The Sporting Blog tonight! And it doesn’t get any easier for TSB. They have to face Karmic Boomerang & The Ultimate Blogger in just one month at No Recovery!

Winners- Referee Throws Out Match

(Lester is talking on his AT&T cell phone when he recieves a text message from an anonymous sender.)

Lester (Reading the message aloud): Turn around and take it like a man?
(Lester turns around and stares into the face of the Blogsniper. Before the Blogsniper can do anything, however, a train of golf carts comes through and runs him over!)

Blog Commercial:
What do you get when you combine wrestling and politics? You get Political Championship Wrestling(PCW)! PHEW: Political Hardcore Extreme Wrestling! Check them out after the show for the latest!

(Cameras go backstage as CEO David Funk is shown on the phone in his office)

Funk: Yeah, you will be in the ring. I will file lawsuits if you don't show. Good bye.
(Funk hangs up the phone)

(Maxi and Twinks walk in)

Maxi: Hi blugging 'd!
Twinks: Hi DF!
(They all hug before Funk gets serious)

Funk: I just signed two of the biggest matches ever for No Recovery! The World's Most Dangerous Blogger hdiaz, wiltfongjr, and MadMan vs T-O, Ocho Cinco, and Plaxico Burress!
(Huge Face POP)

Maxi: Gosh, gosh. Yep, that's big blugging 'd.
Funk: Plus, Kenny Kumar and the Blue Monkey Disco Party vs Tony Romo and Jason Witten!

(Huge Face POP))

Twinks: Why are we in here?
Funk: OK Twinks, you have crossed the boss! What have I told you about that? I don't like WHFB at all, but this was supposed to your debuts tonight!
Twinks: Oh no, I made DF mad!
Funk: Yeah, I am. But as much as you ruined the match for you and Maxi, you two will be in the ring at No Recovery! And if you make them unresponsive this time, I will make sure your bosses at your two jobs know about it is that you do in your spare time here! However, I am going to make it fair. At No Recovery in a No Rules, No DQ match, it will be...all four members of We Hate Female Bloggers versus Maxi and Twinks. And....
Twinks: No fair! You can't do that!
Funk: I just did. I wasn't finished with what I was saying! It will be Maxi and Twinks teaming up DJ Tammy and....Ria Stevenson, who will return to the U.S. by then! It's an 8-person No Rules, No DQ match! Anything goes! I think the Pinay Bombshells can win!
Maxi: Gosh, blugging 'd! I don't know about that!
Funk: You were passed the Smart Blogger Award, right? And for you blugging me, you should feel grateful the sides are evened up! The match has no rules, but I'm sure you can come up with something to combat the evil WHFB!
Twinks: So I can make them unresponsive! Yay!
Funk: Yeah, during the match but not before! Don't cross the boss again! Have I made myself clear?
Twink: Sir, yes sir! No more crossing the boss!
Maxi: But I'm still going to blug you!
Funk: I suggest you two get going, and don't make anyone else unresponsive tonight, OK?

(Maxi and Twinks look serious until the leave the office not wanting to laugh in front of the CEO)

(Camera cuts to a wide shot of the sold out arena!)

Sabre: Those are three huge matches just made by The Boss for No Recovery! The biggest supercard in blog wrestling history keeps getting bigger by the second!

Ring Announcer: Our next match is a tag team match! Introducing first, from the Northeastern United States, the man known as Fragnoli!!!

(Fragnoli gets a big face pop as he comes to the ring. He hesitates getting into the ring, but gets in and poses for the fans.)

Ring Announcer: His partner is the BWE Heavyweight Champion! The owner and proprietor of Mo’s Tavern. Here’s is Mo Morrissey!

(The Champ comes out to a huge face pop and proudly displays the BWE Championship as he makes his way to the ring, where he shakes hands with his tag team partner and they talk over the match.)

Ring Announcer: Their opponents! First, from Portland, Oregon, he is the winner of the 2009 Blogger’s Rumble match, mojomike!

(Mojomike comes out to a huge face pop and appears ready to fight as he is staring straight ahead at the BWE Champion.)

Ring Announcer: His tag team partner! Also from Portland, Oregon, here is the Karmic Boomerang!

(Karmic quickly makes his way to the ring, to the delight of the crowd.)

Tag Match:
Mo & Fragnoli vs. Mojomike & Karmic Boomerang

Sabre: Mojomike could not have picked a better tag partner for his match! This match has an East vs. West feel to it and it is a nice wrinkle to this huge tag team match for BWE. There’s the bell and we are underway! It will be the Champion Mo Morrissey starting off against Mojomike. What a way to preview next month’s No Recovery! They stand toe to toe. A lot of jawing here. There’s the first punch! They exchange blows. Mo with an irish whip into the ropes. Back comes Mike, and he eats a clothesline! Down to the mat with a leg drop from the champion. Followed by a quick stomp to the gut. Mo grabs the left leg and yanks it up toward Mike’s head. That’s going to sting in the morning!

Joe: You ain’t kidding! Mo’s doing a great job starting this match by getting Mike grounded and immobile. But in doing so, he may have just revealed his gameplan for that big BWE Championship match at No Recovery. This could turn out to be a huge mistake!

Sabre: You’re right. Mo makes the tag to Fragnoli, who comes off the ropes with an elbow drop. He drags Mike to his feet and it appears to be a DDT he’s going for, but Mike punches his way out and hits a nice neckbreaker on Fragnoli! Frag backs into the corner, but Mike is right there with a spear! That took the air right out of Frag. Mike’s beating the fool out of Fragnoli in the corner, and here comes the most incompetent referee I have ever seen as he is stupid enough to get in between a focused Mojomike & a down on his luck Fragnoli. Frag tries to turn the momentum, but Mike was ready with a knife-edge chop! Wooooo! Now another! And a third!

Joe: Frag’s chest will be as red as a beet tomorrow! Frag is in trouble early. He needs to get Mo back in there as his gameplan against Mojomike was much better than Frag’s. I guess the “Fragnoli Curse” strikes again.

Sabre: Oh I’m not buying that crap for a second! Everyone has rough streaks. But the man’s not cursed! MLB star Alex Rodriguez was behind all of Fragnoli’s misfortunes! But frag gets a chance at revenge next month at No Recovery. Let’s see if ARod can handle misfortune, because Fragnoli will be ready to give ARod what every baseball fan has wanted to for too long, a shot right in the mouth to finally shut him up! Mike with a scoop slam, and then a stomp to the head. That gets Frag back on is feet quickly, and he just ate the most sudden superkick I have ever seen! Cover! 1-2, but Mo comes in to break up the pin! Mike throws Frag into the corner and tags in Karmic! The KB comes in, and Mike wants to help inflict the pain as and KB hit a double suplex!

Joe: It takes a lot of strength to lift a man like that, and even more strength to do it when he’s weakened. Great athleticism there. KB really wants to show TSB what he can do tonight, so that they know not to take him lightly at No Recovery. And don’t forget the Ultimate Blogger! He had a tremendous showing at our last PFV, Blogger’s Rumble, in the titular match. Nice European Uppercut by KB, which he follows with a back suplex.

Sabre: KB is going to show he’s not a one-dimensional fighter here as he goes for an ironic Boston Crab submission! The pain is etched on frag’s face as Mo cheers him to the ropes to break the hold! KB is really applying the pressure here! Frag’s got his fingertips on the bottom rope; just a little more and no! KB quickly pulls him back to the center of the ring while still locking in the crab! Great ring presence by KB.

Joe: Mo’s growing anxious on the apron, and here he comes in as kicks KB in the back of the head to break the hold! That’s one way to break a submission!

Sabre: If Mo had not been there, Frag would have had to tap out. The pain was evident. Dropkick by KB, and Frag sails out of the ring. Mo is down there trying to help Fragnoli regroup. The match not going to their favor thus far. Frag’s back in, and he tags in Mo Morrissey. Mo wants Mojomike, but Karmic Boomerang says “Let me show what I got, Champ!” They tie up, into a test of strength. KB has the advantage, but Mo gets a second wind and takes the advantage away. KB turns the tide with a Monkey Flip! Nice counter! Into the mounted position and beating the fool out of Mo! The Champ is forced to cover up to defend himself. KB off the ropes and comes back with a knee drop across the face. There’s a nasty bruise waiting to form. Mo checks his head trying to shake the knee drop. KB with a boot to the face. KB tosses Mo into the corner and tags in the #1 Contender for the BWE Title at No Recovery.

Joe: Off the ropes comes Mo, but he runs into a double hip toss, followed by a double elbow drop, and then back to back leg drops! Great combination there! Cover, 1-2 but Fragnoli with a low dropkick to the face of Mojomike breaks the pin! Mo needs to get the tag!

Sabre: Mo’s crawling towards the corner as Mike tags in KB. And there’s the tag to Fragnoli! There’s a big time clothesline! And a should tackle! Now he sets up KB and drops him with a piledriver! 1-2-kick out! I thought he had him there! Frag shoots KB into the ropes, but KB comes back with a flying forearm smash! KB is starting to feel the change in momentum! Wait a second? What are they doing here? The Sporting Blog is coming down to the ring! They will face Karmic Boomerang & the Ultimate Blogger at No Recovery! KB sees them and it looks like a 5-on-1 beating may ensue. Wait! Fragnoli is charging towards KB, but KB elevates him over the top rope and out of the ring, onto TSB! He took out TSB with using his opponent as a weapon!

Joe: Innovative offense from Karmic Boomerang! It’s ingenuity like that which will make him tough to prepare for. The Sporting Blog is going to have its hands full in Dallas, TX at No Recovery!

Sabre: The ref is counting on Fragnoli, and he’s up to 5. Something’s wrong with the Tron. The screen is malfunctioning. Hey wait! That’s Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees! And he’s with Manny Ramirez of the Los Angeles Dodgers! What are they doing here? They aren’t speaking; just taunting Fragnoli. Frag has just seen them and he’s heading up the ramp. Mo’s shouting to him “You’re the legal man!” as the ref is at 8! Fragnoli realizes the match is still going on and he’s on a dead sprint towards the ring! 9! He’s almost there, but damn! He tripped over the TSB members he laid out just moments ago! 10! (Bell rings)

Winners by countout- Mojomike & Karmic Boomerang

Sabre: You want to talk about unfortunate circumstances? Fragnoli was right there, but the distraction on the Tron and the bodies laying around just cost Fragnoli & Mo Morrissey this match.

Joe: Chalk that one up to the “Fragnoli Curse!” Fragnoli had best find a way to change his luck quickly or it’s going to a very rough night for him against ARod at No Recovery!

Sabre: Like I said before, I don’t believe Fragnoli’s cursed, but I’m starting to believe he’s very unlucky. The ref hands Mo the BWE Title, but Mo & Mojomike are staring each other dead in the middle of the ring. It’s all about the BWE Championship at No Recovery!

Blog Commercial:
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Joe: Our broadcast collegue, JDIN827, is standing by.

JD: Thanks Joe! I’m here with one of the four men who will compete in the Ultimate Hell Cage match at No Recovery, Lester’s Legends!

(Lester steps into camera shot, smiling but alert of anyone trying to cash in on the bounty.)
JD: Lester, we all the obstacles you’ve faced on the road to No Recovery, how do you feel about being just one month away from the biggest event in the history of blog wrestling?

Lester: Well JD, I’m pissed off! See I came to EBW to be the best. To be the best champion this brand has ever seen. Then I have to deal with this Agents of Chaos BS, and tonight I have to team up with one my opponents at No Recovery because the GM puts a bounty on our heads? I’m glad that Paul did all this, because I’m more pissed off than I have ever been in my life! But No Recovery is what this business is all about and I’m ready for it!

I’m gonna whip a man’s ass at No Recovery! Then another man’s ass! Then another! And when I get my hands on Paul, I gonna whip that man’s ass too! I don’t care how much ass I have to whip, when that bell rings in Texas at No Recovery next month you’re looking at ass kicker #1 and more importantly, you are looking at the new EBW Heavyweight Champion!

JD: There’s gonna be a lot of ass kicking at No Recovery if Lester has anything to say!

(Camera cuts to the announcer's table.)

Sabre: Well Joe, it looks like the bounty has been fruitless. And with bounty hunters like that, I'm not surprised!

Joe: And the GM is going to be competing at right now in our Main Event!

Ring Announcer: It is now time for our Main Event! It is a tag team match, scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, representing the Agents of Chaos! From Elyria, Ohio, the EBW General Manager Paul Huffaker! And from the Sunshine State, the EBW Heavyweight Champion Guardian of the Galaxy!

(The leaders of the AOC make their way to the ring calmly, but carefully. Paul seems preoccupied with his AT&T cell phone, hoping for news that the bounty has been fulfilled. Guardian is firmly clutching the championship, afraid it might slip away if he loosens his grip.)

Ring Announcer: And introducing their opponents! First, rising from the ashes, here is The Phoenix!

(The Phoenix rises through the fire on stage and steps through to a big face pop. He moves silently, but his actions are deliberate as he never takes his gaze from the AOC.)

Ring Announcer: And his partner, from Minnesota, he is The Man, The Myth, the Lester’s Legends!

(Lester comes out to a huge face pop! As he makes his way down the aisle, however, the fans try to warn him but…)

Joe: What the hell? That’s jaysfan! He’s not supposed to be here! A cheap shot from behind and down goes Lester. Damnit! He’s stomping away at Lester! Somebody get out here and stop this!

Sabre: He’s beating the fool out of Lester here! That bounty really sweetened the pot. I wonder how this will affect the Congressional investigation?

Joe: Who cares??? Right now, Lester’s Legends is being ambushed by a little punk! I smell a damn setup.

Sabre: You may be right, Joe. Paul’s directing Guardian to get a steel chair which he tosses to jaysfan. My lip-reading may not be as good as it once was, but I believe Paul told jaysfan this is his initiation.

Joe: That can’t be right. He’s not even under contract to EBW! Oh my God! Jaysfan just took a Major League caliber swing, and connected with a shot to Lester’s head!

Sabre: Why is The Phoenix not helping his tag team partner? The title match is at No Recovery, not here in Jakarta! What a wicked chair shot there!

Joe: Phoenix is standing there watching, almost encouraging the beatdown! A third chair shot finally floors Lester, who had been slumped against the guard rail. And that last shot seems to have busted Lester wide open. Jaysfan has some evil intentions as he drags Lester’s broken body towards the ring. Where is he going?

Sabre: Up to the top rope. This crowd is really giving it to him, and it looks like he’s going for the T-DOT. Wait, he’s not going to do it! He’s coming down and he’s looking over Lester, as he reaches up to get to his feet.

Joe: There are consequences for your actions, jaysfan! Oh no, a slap right across the face as the AOC is smiling smug in the ring. I don’t know what metamorphosis jaysfan has underwent, but he has gone from a respectable young man to an arrogant jackass! Jaysfan is dragging him to his feet, and he’s got Lester goozled. Oh, what a sick backbreaker, as he drives Lester across jaysfan’s knee, and then pulls him quickly into a sick faceplant! That must be the Cold Snap move he raving about on his blog! What a sick move!

Sabre: There’s not much left of Lester! How are we going to have a match?

Joe: Good question, partner. We are going to sort this out and have the answer after this commercial break!

Blog Commercial:
Coming in June to Basic Bloganomics is the Pay-For-View spectacular No Recovery presented by BWE Promotions! Watch as BWE & EBW Championships are defended and much more! Stars from BWE and EBW will in action as the biggest PFV in BWE Promotions comes to you live in June from T-Sad Motor Speedway in Dallas, Texas! Talk to your local service provider about No Recovery in your area and order it now!

Joe: Welcome back to the Jakarta Encounter! During the commercial break, the EBW General Manager was demanding this match be started. Unfortunately for The Phoenix, Lester’s Legends was stretchered away after that sickening attack by jaysfan. There’s actually a puddle of blood where Lester was left to lay after the Cold Snap move that put Lester down for good.

Sabre: The AOC’s goal tonight was to eliminate their opponents for the EBW Title. So far, they have eliminated Lester from any title hopes. I would imagine The Phoenix is next. This match is now a Handicap match. All the AOC needs to do now is pick apart The Phoenix. Then, they will have finished the job.

2 on 1 Handicap Match:
guardian of the galaxy & Paul H v. The Phoenix

Joe: We should not be surprised by this. The AOC has stopped at nothing to show their dominance. They have sneak attacked challengers in the parking lot. They have attacked women. They even attempted to behead a man. These offenses are criminal outside of the walls of EBW! And yet this sick piece of crap is getting away with it all!

Sabre: Umm… we’re supposed to be unbiased.

Joe: I know, but this whole thing just sucks! Just when it seems the AOC is losing it power grip on EBW, they do something so heinous to maintain that hold. The bell rings and here we go for our Main Event at the Jakarta Encounter! Guardian will start for the AOC. That smug look on the face of the EBW Champion will be wiped off next month when he is locked inside that barbaric steel cage where the goal will be complete annihilation of your opponents.

Sabre: Not just guardian, though. If I were The Phoenix or Lester, especially after tonight, I would want to strangle the life out of the EBW GM! They will be looking for any way to get their hands on him soon!

Joe: Guardian steps up and fires off a right hand. Phoenix seems unaffected, and lays in a left of his own! Back and forth they exchange hands, and they work their way into a neutral corner. Clean break out of the tie up in the corner, but guardian has the ref distracted and Paul just grabbed Phoenix by the head and dropped him across the top rope! Ref never saw it, so to him it didn’t happen, but there are 25, 249 fans in attendance who are not so politely calling the GM an asshole!

Sabre: You have to love our fans! They will tell you just what they think of you! And a great job by the ref, if he were out of place any further, he’d be in China! Suplex by guardian, which he follows with a stiff leg drop. First cover of the match gets a 2 count, and The Phoenix needs to quick plan a strategy in this 2 on 1 Handicap match. Guardian is keeping Phoenix grounded as he hits an elbow drop, and then puts a boot right in the gut. Phoenix is trying to roll out of the ring to catch a breather. But he gets caught under the bottom rope as gotg grabs his legs and slingshots him up into the bottom rope! I think that caught him right across the throat. Great strategy by the Agents of Chaos to try and cut off the oxygen to the brain.

Joe: Phoenix rolls out, but here comes Paul around the corner in the blind side of the ref. Phoenix turns around in time to eat a big boot from Paul! No stranger to controversy, the former “Rated R Blogger” takes a moment to taunt the sold out crowd. Paul wants more of The Phoenix and he pulls him to his feet. Wait! Phoenix was playing possum! What a jawbreaker on Paul! Get him!!! We’re watching the beginning of a well deserved beating that may very well culminate next month in Texas at No Recovery with The Phoenix becoming the new EBW Champion! Those lefts and rights are firing off so fast it’s almost machine-like! Phoenix is giving this crowd what they want! Paul’s back to his feet, and Phoenix grabs him by the hair and slams him face first into the ring steps! The steel is doing his complexion no favors. Again and one more time! Phoenix is dribbling Paul’s head off the ring steps like a basketball!

Sabre: What a brawl! Guardian has just noticed his boss is getting the fool beat out of him! But Phoenix is almost omniscient! He reaches into the ring and pulls gotg out by his legs. As he drops to the floor, gotg tastes the clothesline from The Phoenix! That’s not a good taste either! Phoenix is all fired up! He’s got both AOC members by the head and he slams them together! What a brutal noggin knocker! More fists flying from Phoenix who rolls back into the ring at 9 to break the ref’s 10 count. He wants to hurt these boys! Just let them fight, Ref!

Joe: Phoenix is on the run as the AOC struggles to its feet. He runs up the ring steps, almost springing off of them and OH MY GOD!!! He just hit a double flipping neckbreaker here at ringside!!! Flight of The Phoenix there, and this crowd is electric! We have to see that again on this instant replay sponsored by our friends on the Asian Invasion Tour, PCW (Political Championship Wrestling)! The ref is trying to get Phoenix in the ring to see if the Champion or the GM need medical help, and Phoenix poses for the live crowd in the ring. The ref is back in the ring trying to keep Phoenix from going out to continue the beating, but Phoenix doesn’t care as he tosses the ref to the side and heads out for more. Phoenix sticks his head through the ropes, and OH NO! A Con-chair-to! How the hell did they pull off the double chair shot to the side of the head?

Sabre: I think they took a page from Phoenix’s playbook and played possum to buy time to grab the chairs. And the damage is evident, as Phoenix just collapsed after the Con-chair-to. But the AOC is not looking great either. Guardian is practically carrying Paul over to their corner. If gotg would just crawl in and cover The Phoenix, this match would be over.

Joe: What the hell? Is that? It is! Lester’s Legends, blood damn near pouring out of the wound from earlier is coming to ring! And he’s got a steel chair! Referees and medical staff are trying to stop him, but he’s just throwing them off! He just dropped our doctor with a stunner! The Legend is coming to whip somebody’s ass! He’s not even getting on the apron, he gets in the ring and floors guardian with a chair shot! The ref is down from being thrown around earlier. Lester is attacking gotg with that chair! Now he sees Paul on the apron! Paul is running for his life! Lester is swinging wildly and he just took out a cameraman! There goes the timekeeper as well! Paul’s back in the ring, and Lester has finally cornered him! Paul is pleading for his life, but even he knows it’s too late for that, so he flips him the bird and waits for the final blow. Phoenix is back to his feet behind Paul as Lester swings the chair. Oh no! Paul ducked and The Phoenix was just leveled by the chair shot from Lester! Lester isn’t happy, and there’s a Stunner to Paul! Lester is leaving the ring, but not before another chair shot to the EBW Champion in front of our announcers table!

Sabre: What a mark left by Lester’s Legends! Four men are going to commit career suicide next month at No Recovery! Why is the ref counting?

Joe: Paul’s arm is draped across The Phoenix! You’ve got to be kidding me! 1-2-3!

Winners- Agents of Chaos (Paul H & guardian of the galaxy)

Joe: When Lester dropped him with the Stunner, Paul fell next to Phoenix and had the wherewithal to put the arm across the chest of Phoenix to pick up the win!

(BWE CEO David Funk’s music hits and he comes out on stage with a microphone.)
David Funk: So, so, so. As I said, I have an announcement to make. At No Recovery!, guardian is still defending the EBW Heavyweight title in a Hell in a Cell match against Lester & Phoenix! If guardian doesn't show up or can't make it, he'll lose his title(Huge Face POP)! If Lester and Phoenix don't make it, they lose their opportunity at the gold!
(Funk walks away, but turns around)

Funk: Oh yeah, did I mention I've added to this match? Guardian vs Lester vs Phoenix vs.....Paul Huffaker!

(Huge Face POP)

Funk: And hey Paul! If you don't make it to that match for No Recovery!.....YOU'RE Fired!

(Huge Face POP)

Joe: OMG! I don't believe it! The stakes for the EBW Title have just escalated! Take a good look at this scene. The Champion is nearly unconscious here in front of us. The Phoenix is passed out in the ring. The GM looks like he has been in a major accident. And Lester’s Legends is still bleeding from his forehead. The Ultimate Hell Cage match at No Recovery will not have a winner, it will have a survivor and three casualties!

The wait is almost over! BWE/EBW No Recovery is only one month away! What chaos can we expect in Texas? Good night from Indonesia!

Blog Wrestling Entertainment & Extreme Blog Wrestling are in conjuction with Basic Bloganomics.

~© Copyright 2009. Property of Basic Bloganomics. All rights reserved. Any publication or retransmission without the express written consent of Basic Bloganomics is strictly prohibited.

Written by: Paul Huffaker
Maxi/Twinks Backstage Segment by: David Funk
8-Person Tag & Y3F7 Matches by: Jeff Lander
Story Ideas by David Funk

Jakarta Encounter Preview

The road to the BWE Promotions Pay-For-View spectacular continues tomorrow night as BWE and EBW presents Jakarta Encounter live from the Tripzibit Resort in Jakarta, Indonesia. Here are the previous BWE Throwdown! and EBW UnCut shows if you want to catch up on what has led us to this point:

BWE Throwdown! - January 29, 2009
EBW UnCut - February 18, 2009
BWE Throwdown! - April 7, 2009

Here are the scheduled matches to take place:

-10-Man Tag Team Match: Kenny Kumar, Blue Monkey Disco Party, The World's Most Dangerous Blogger hdiaz1, wiltfongjr, MadMan vs The Sporting Blog members Chris Littman, Spencer Hall, Dan Shanoff, Large Larzelere, and Dan Steinberg: This one could get really chaotic before No Recovery! Kenny Kumar and the Blue Monkey Disco Party debut in to team with three other guys that were also upset about not making it to the previous Throwdown! show. TSB has been expressing displeasure towards BWE ever since they've opted out of not showing it on Sporting News, and continue to target their members that get in their way.

-Money in the Blog Qualifying Tag Team Match: dking97 & enova vs fanofreds & 3rdStoneFromTheSun: dking97 & enova have been going at it ever since the draft special last summer. fanofreds & 3rdStoneFromTheSun were on opposite sides on the previous EBW UnCut! But the winning team goes on to the Money in the Blog Ladder match at No Recovery! where the winner guarantees themselves a shot at any title by grabbing the scrolled up blog entry above the ring. Philly The Kid, lanz1, ztwo have qualified for BWE as has Yankees3Fan7 for EBW! Two spots remain, so which two can co-exist together to move onto the Money in the Blog match?

-Maxi & Twinks Blogula vs We Hate Female Bloggers: Maxi and Twinks make their in-ring debuts, and this is as a result of the altercation that took place on the previous Throwdown! Will the Blugging Queen and Twinks Blogula be successful in their debuts on Jakarta Encounter?

Yankees3Fan7 vs LakerKev: LakerKev was involved in an altercation with the AOC, but he may not even make it to Jakarta Encounter!

Main Event:
BWE Champion Mo Morrissey & fragnoli vs mojomike & The Karmic Boomerang: This is literally East meets West. Mo and frag from the New England area against mojomike and Karmic from Portland, Oregon. Mo and mojomike are set to face at No Recovery! Fragnoli has had strange coincidences in his matches which includes missing his flight to the last Throwdown! Karmic has had run-ins the the TSB that costed him a chance to go to the Money in the Blog Ladder match. So this is a chance for momentum to swing for all competitors in the main event at Jakarta Encounter!

Tune in soon for Jakarta Encounter right here on Basic Bloganomics!

In Detroit Now

I arrived in Detroit a little while ago, and I'm in Ann Harbor right now. In fact, we're just five minutes from the old Pontiac Silverdome where some of the greatest events in sports history took place. I will try to get pictures of that and more before I leave.

Thanks to everyone's wishes for my job as well as for my nephew Hanson yesterday. And of course to Rad for the Adam Morrison line towards him! LOL! I'll let him know that.

Later this week, my good friend Paul H will be posting our next BWE Promotions show on Basic Bloganomics as BWE and EBW presents Jakarta Encounter live from the Tripzibit Resort in Jakarta Indonesia! I hope to have a preview for that soon.

Also, I should catch up on the Today in History posts when I get back in town, but not sure how much I'll be on-line.

My sincere thanks to you all for the wishes, support, and for always visiting. I'll be back here tomorrow night to blog hop a little and maybe post something.

God Bless you all!

My Nephew's Birthday Party

The first picture is where he had his birthday party at. For much of the time, he was busy with his middle school friends playing football and basketball. It did rain a little, and I only have a few photos uploaded from my cell phone which some were really blurred. He's really a good kid, and he did well playing basketball against some of those at the park. He's too much like my brother and I, and couldn't stay still long enough to get more pictures! LOL! Only kidding. He turned 12 yesterday.

Yeah, the pictures are blurred a bit.

I leave out to Detroit tomorrow for my job training, and my company has their last class this week. I'll visit blogs as much as possible during the week, and I fly back here Friday night. Then I'll be in California the following week unless things change. Thanks for viewing!

One Lovely Blog Award

This is the One Lovely Blog Award my good Filipina friend Jenny as well as czaroma gave to me. As most of you have seen, Jenny is one of my best blogger friends and is a very sweet woman. Czaroma is new friend of mine and already has stated she liked my blog which I appreciate. Thank you both for this award.

I've already seen that most of my friends have this award, but I'll name a few of you to pass it to: Aline, Jane, Sharon, Levian, Lyla, Stacey, Katherine, Clarissa, Lisa and anyone else on my friend's list that hasn't grabbed this award.

Today in History: May 22

Here are some significant events that took place on May 21.....

2003: At the Bank of America Colonial golf tournament in Fort Worth, Texas, Annika Sörenstam becomes the first woman since 1945 to play in a major men's tournament.

U.S. News
1915: In Shasta County, California, Lassen Peak volcano erupts with its most powerful force. Besides Mount St. Helens, it is the only other volcano to erupt in the continental U.S. in the 20th Century.

1990: Microsoft releases Windows 3.0 which is the third major release by the company. This was the first successful version to be released by Microsoft.

World News
334 BC: The Battle of the Granicus River(in present day Turkey) takes place as Macedonia led by Alexander The Great defeats the Persian Empire. This was major victory for Alexander, and the Macedonians would defeat them again later.

1939: German dictator Adolf Hitler and Italian dictator Benito Mussolini sign the Pact of Steel as they form an alliance.

1960: In Valdivia, Chile, an earthquake measuring 9.5 on the Richter Scale becomes the most powerful ever recorded to date. Countries as far away as Australia, the Philippines, Japan, and New Zealand were struck with a power tsunami as a result. The death toll as well as cost of damage can never known because of the wdespread disaster.

1972: Sri Lanka joins the Commonwealth of Nations becoming a Republic for the first time. The country was called Ceylon prior to them being a Republic.

1980: In Japan, Namco releases the first ever Pac-Man arcade game. This new genre of video gaming became immensely popular, and is one of the most famous titles ever.

1990: North Yemen and South Yemen unify to become the Republic of Yemen. They are the only republic in the Arabian Peninsula.

Today is my nephew Hanson's 12th birthday, too.

Made For TV Blogger Movies

Note: This is NOT to be taken seriously, and is only for fun. This is NOT real, but I could send scripts in later on. LOL! Some of these scripts are based off real-life online events while some are thrown in for added affect to make it work.

So since I'm going to be in California soon for work, I thought I would post these movies for your viewing pleasure. It's time for some of my blogger friends to go Hollywood!

Here are some blogger movies that I think should be made. I'll list the title, lead actor/actress(s), plot, and notes are included.

Lead actor/actress: Paul H
Plot: In this high tech world, one can easily navigate around to find the right kind of blog to start. For Paul H, his dream of becoming a superstar blogger can be traced back to his days as a youth following wrestling and sports. His enthusiasm turns sour when he learns of a conspiracy of multiple IDs that drive him away from the love of writing a blog. Suddenly, messages come on his chatbox as he uncovers that the group may not exist, and that it is one person behind all the names. Paul H then begins to flush out the anonymous commentor in his own way by blogging him. Paul H blogs his way to locate the person responsible. Will the evil-doer be blogged by Paul?
Note: On the first day of production, Paul H came down with a sickness that led to others on the set going to the hospital. Rumors flew as to what he had, and he claims it was the Ohio weather where he's from that caused it. Everyone got well, but production costs for this blogger movie were the highest ever because of the delay.

Fantasy Games
Lead actor/actress: Ryan Lester
Plot: He has gained a reputation for being a reliable source for fantasy sports gaming information. He helps you win your leagues with valuable information. But someone has blamed him for losing a fantasy baseball season after claiming he took advice from Lester. This ended up turning for the worse with negative comments and it escalated from there. Then it turned violent, and that's when Lester decides to take the law into his own hands using fantasy gaming coding to fight him off. Will he find the person who's doing this over pettiness?
Note: Lester's experience with action-drama on the Basic Bloganomics hit show The I-Team helped land him this role. Originally, they balked when Lester said he was wanting to update his site everyday. Lester was offered more money, and still posted everyday while this was in production.

Blugging Empire
Lead actor/actress: Maxi Velasco
Plot: We had the Greek Empire. The Roman Empire. The French Empire. The German Empire. And now the Blugging Empire? From out of nowhere, Maxi Velasco became famous in a blogging community with kindness, wit, intelligence, and influence. Now watch as she comes to power as the Queen of the Blugging Empire that brings laziness with shortened words as well as consistent bugging through blogging. Her influence becomes noticeable when she starts referring to a particular member as 'D in which others are seen using similar references while becoming more lazy. Then, she's offered a BWE Promotions contract which led to the expansion of a growing Blugging Empire. From blogger to Blugging Queen comes this story of the rise of Maxi Velasco.
Note: Maxi's character in the film mirrored her personality in the negotiations for her role after blugging producers for more money and benefits. This cemented her status as one of the highest paid and talented bloggers around though.

Sports Daddy
Lead actor/actress: Rad
Plot: The New York native blogger Rad begins his journey in blogging talking about sports. His objectiveness and honesty are notable as well as his open-mindedness, too. But suddenly, Rad disappears which leads to many questions as to what happened and where's he been. Then a few months later, he appears on other friend's blogs to leave comments as well as let them know he stopped by. His journey in blogging also includes his wife and daughter along that way that show him ever-loving support. This hit movie is Rad's debut on the big screen and is a great way to start his acting career.
Note: This movie nearly never happened after an argument led to a producer getting angry at Rad. Reportedly, the producer proclaimed that LeBron James was to be the greatest NBA player ever when and if he gets 4-5 rings. Rad's dislike for Michael Jordan are noted in the film, but he defended him by not denying his greatness to this producer. Some changes happened behind the scenes, but ownership backed Rad up on that argument.

My Piece of Paradise
Lead actor/actress: Bill
Plot: As a guy who writes on four blogs, Bill has accumulated many friends as well as being a standout blogger. Or so it seems. In his ever-changing layouts that he uses hides a man that doesn't allow his friends to be taken advantage of. What looks like paradise for some turns out to be a nightmare for those wanting to cross him or his friend's paths. Bill defends his territories while becoming well-loved and respected by bloggers in the community. This action-drama will have you glued to the screen until its unpredictable ending.
Note: Negotiations were easy-going at first until producers tried to tell him about not taking a break to become the first commenter on other blogs. Bill objected to this, and was prepared to comment about this incident on his blog before producers got the message. Other than that, no other behind the scenes issues existed.

Hit Me!
Lead actor/actress: Dhemz
Plot: Dhemz is a blog-wise, no-nonsense writer that becomes the target of the infamous Hitten Run - a blogger that swiftly leaves nasty comments before running away. It becomes apparent that Hitten Run took Dhemz' "Hit Me!" picture for literally meaning to hit bloggers with violent posting. After seeing the True Blogger Story: Hitten Run, she immediately suspects the person behind the production of that: David Funk. Even after claiming that he was "killin" her, the writer was NOT Hitten Run. Will Dhemz be able to track down the real Hitten Run who used the "Hit Me!" photo as inspiration to start insulting her and other bloggers before running away?
Note: Dhemz nearly turned down the role because of a monetary issue of not being paid enough directly to post about the production of the film as well as the layout for the studio. Eventually, producers gave in, and paid the multi-talented blogger what she wanted.
P.S. Dhemz, I like this script so much better, and I can see that "Hit Me!" photo on the DVD cover...hehehe!

A Frank Angle
Lead actor/actress: A Frank Angle
Plot: In the world of politics, no one can be sure what you're getting from elections. Frank Angle comes to power as a politician focusing with an open mind on how to fix a damaged economy. In the film, corruption exists as many try to alter the course of history and the voting that would see Frank become President of the Blogging Universe. After expressing his thoughts from an inner mind, Frank is able to overcome it all to lead the Blogging Universe with leadership as well as respect. Delicate issues are covered so well by Frank throughout the film.
Note: Link exchanges became a backstage issue in the making of the film. Producers wanted their own blogs listed as favorites on Frank's site as part of the deal in signing him for the movie. Frank didn't budge invoking his right to run his site the way he wanted to. Producers were wise to not pursue this part of the agreement.

Twinks Blogula
Lead actor/actress: Twinks
Plot: A group of ruthless bloggers are causing trouble in blogging communities with violent acts as well as uploading viruses to shut down well-known members. Originally a target, one such female blogger takes a stand, but has to transform herself into a relentless vampire-like character to combat the evil, ruthless bloggers: Twinks Blogula. Federal agents everywhere immediately notice that the group of bloggers are unresponsive as well as had the blogs sucked dry out of their sites. Now can a cute heroine save the blogging community, avoid the federal agents, and track down the head person responsible for starting this?
Note: At the time of negotiations, Twinks was looking for a bigger payoff after recently taking two jobs in her native Philippines. Twinks also wanted more money because she was concerned about her "sweet" blogger image in making this movie. But since no one else fit the character, they paid her more money.

Another Side
Lead actor/actress: Tripzibit
Plot: He's a well-known blogger that explores the world's most notable unsolved mysteries. His work and personality are liked by nearly every blogger. Then to the shock of many is another side of him that people don't know about. In a game of cat and mouse, we see a militia of bad bloggers that have no clue as to who they made mad. While blog hopping, tripzibit is able to use that as a way to combat this notorious group. Watch as this militia meets their match by crossing another side of tripzibit.
Note: Tripzibit's contract called for him to be on the production set Monday thru Friday without him being aware of it. Upon receiving a phone call after being late, Tripzibit immediately considered leaving the film for good. Tripzibit emphatically told producers that he's only on the set Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The producers gave in, and the film finished production.

Beyond Hot
Lead actor/actress: DJ Tammy
Plot: Tammy is a red-hot blogger with her own clothing line and two blogs she writes on. She struggles as a single mother, but then launches her own DJ Tammy calendar that helps her to stardom. After a period of time, her "Beyond Hot" t-shirts sell extremely well, and then she finally is able to unite with blogger friends in the Philippines on a Saturday night. The multi-faceted blogging star encountered Blog Parasite which also put her in a BWE ring to settle the score. Tammy's personality wins audiences everywhere in this classic tale.
Note: Monetary issues existed before production of the film after producers wanted to put Tammy's calendars at a discount to help promote the film. Tammy wasn't happy about it, and was prepared to walk off the set. Also, page ranking for her movie was a problem for producers, but Tammy was prepared to call them out on her blog if she didn't get what she wanted. It worked, and the movie was made.
P.S. Be sure to check Tammy's and sister Rosilie contest by going here.

Lead actor/actress: Chie Wilks
Plot: A happy and contented wife, Chie Wilks strived to be a successful blogger. Her struggles to become a great blogger wasn't an easy path, but she continued to press on. Her rise as a blogger is helped by befriending many others as well as supporting them along the way despite claiming to be an irresponsible student in school. Through it all, she manages to garner awards for her personality and blogs she owns. Watch as Chie Wilks makes it in a tough world of blogging.
Note: Producers tried to pay her less for the role as well as for the paid post for the film. They tried to entice her for the role with more awards, but Chie wasn't buying it. She nearly stormed off the set, but producers finally had enough sense to realize that they'd be letting a very talented female blogger walk away to take a better offer and never know of her Whereabouts.

People, Places, Events
Lead actor/actress: Meryl
Plot: She's a beautiful, talented blogger that reviews places she's seen with honesty and sound reasoning. Meryl eventually rises in the blogging community and is known around the world for her kindness to others. Then it happened. Meryl briefly left the community after severe weather struck her living area. She managed to have a road trip full of pictures as she made the most of her early vacation. The road trip is a long, exhausting one full of highs and lows for her and her family. This movie combines beauty and real-life circumstances in one as a must-see film.
Note: On the first day of production, Meryl was late showing up. Soon, it was discovered that she had to leave to go to her in-laws place to feed a starving cat. According to her, the cat lived and was very hungry when she arrived. The producers were going to move on without her until she explained what happened.

Business Matters
Lead actor/actress: Amiable Amy
Plot: Involving anything around it, Amy writes blogs on three different sites. The value of friendship is shown by her throughout the film as she gains notoriety for her support as well as open-mindedness on her blogs. She encounters different people that mostly adore her personality, but does encounter a hater, too. The community rallies behind her as she continues her rise to blogging stardom. In this movie, it becomes obvious of the jealousy from this hater for Amy as she garners numerous awards. Watch as haters attempt to foil her blogging career only to see Amy move on despite many attempts to get to her. They learn that business matters.
Note: Not known for procrastinating, Amy posted a number of awards while production of this film was on-going. At first, this didn't sit well with producers until they found out a protest from her blogger friends kept their mouths shut for the remainder of the making of the film.

Step & Journey
Lead actor/actress: Cacai M
Plot: In a world full of negative publicity, Cacai M flexes her blogging muscles as a positive role model in the community. This well educated, kind-hearted blogger makes the most of her time while helping others struggling to make it. She balances a marriage as well as busy lifestyle to the respect and adoration of bloggers everywhere. Watch this documentary-type film of Cacai as she models herself in a hectic world while never forgetting where it is that she came from.
Note: Not left with many options for this role for producers to pick from, Cacai's business attitude helped her negotiate her own contract without an agent. Producers wanted to make it in a more negative tone with violence posting thrown in, but Cacai wasn't going to give in to that. She was given what she wanted throughout production.

The Way I Used To Be
Lead actor/actress: Jenny
Plot: Jenny talks about life as a student, blogger, and wife as well as the road to how she used to be. Her road from the Philippines to Sweden is covered that includes triumph and bumps in the road along the way. Her sweet, jolly ways connects with viewing audiences everywhere. Her busy schedule with school to go along with being a loving wife is noticeable in the film as well. The way she used to be to what she is now makes this a hit film for fans everywhere. S-H-Y guest stars.
Note: During production of the film, mechanical problems existed with Jenny's laptop. However, her husband made sure she had another one so she could finish the film. The film was completed in a very short time.

Our Journey To Forever
Lead actor/actress: Lainy
Plot: This romantic film stars Lainy as she talks eloquently and openly about the journey in her life. This road is a bumpy one with controversy surrounding at every turn, but Lainy is undeterred in her path to blogging stardom. This epic tale shows the colorful, creative superstar blogger that everyone can fall in love with. Balance is key throughout the movie, and is on display to show the world her road to where she's been and where she's at.
Note: Controversy arose when producers noticed a hacker on the loose during the making of the film. The objective and fair-minded Lainy was able to refocus her attention to deliver a performance of the ages.

Stacey Avenue
Lead actor/actress: Stacey Tee
Plot: There's a lot that goes on in some of the most famous streets around the world. But then there's Stacey Avenue. Her climb to stardom in blogging began in 2005 and now she has a street named after her. The well-loved fitness enthusiast who can't give up McDonald's French Fries rises up to notoriety in the eyes of friends in her native Philippines and all over the world. There are some difficulties along the way with certain trolls trying to get to her, but she fends them off with open-mindedness that carries her to the top. Watch to see how and why the hottest street in the world became what it is in this epic tale!
Note: During production, at least one producer took to heart a shirt that said "Don't aggravate Stacey, it's deadly"(in Filipino language) as meaning she couldn't cooperate with others behind the scenes. Upon lack of proper judgement, the producer was fired which delayed the making of the film. Stacey didn't rip anyone's head off for the delay of the movie, but a producer was ripped of his job for causing it.

Lead actor/actress: Mileka Malay
Plot: She's a hot hip-hop blogging artist with a clear love for music. She constantly watches music videos. But underneath it all lies a woman that is relentlessly trying to go after those who flood her chatbox with spam messages. Soon after, those spammers follow her around despite being warned that they'll be banned for spamming her chatbox. Nonetheless, she hunts them down one by one after they continue on spamming. Then Mileka downloads software that leads to her spammers getting a dose of their own medicine. Off the internet, they try to force themselves into her life which Mileka fights against. Putting her hip-hop career on hold, can she uncover the spammers and rid their very existence on the internet?
Note: Mileka was upset when production first started because of producers wanting her to upload the music they wanted on her site. Plus, they teased her about spamming especially during scenes involving Spammers flooding her chatbox. She eventually turned the tables by banning them from viewing videos which ownership finally stepped in to pay the talented beauty what she deserved.

Operation Aborted
Lead actor/actress: 3rdStoneFromTheSun
Plot: Posting about football is 3rdStone's passion. His path to being a top-notch sports blogger is well noted and documented. However, a problem comes up. Those using a certain browser are unable to access his site. He loses viewers which begins to trickle down to his friends as well. Those in charge of the browsing company are uncooperative, and soon will learn that the truth hurts like freedom. 3rdStone becomes the law and breaks into their headquarters to uncover what can only be described as unbelievable. Can 3rdStone help save the blogging universe by restoring the one browsing company that can access any site at any time?
Note: At first, 3rdStone wasn't allowed to go crazy after producers wanted the atmosphere on the set to be nonsensical. When confronted by ownership, 3rdStone told producers what truly horrible lives they must live. Ownership respected 3rdStone's opinions, and the set was more relaxed for the remaining of production.

Again, do NOT take this seriously. I will create more movie scripts later. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed.