Setting Up a Football Pool at Work

For me as a pro football fan, there's nothing quite like getting involved in betting pool at work which helps to increase interaction with co-workers. But these days, it is much easier to setup sports book betting online which saves more time than the old way before the internet came around.

One of the most important things when running an NFL football pool is an agreeable amount of money for those you want to get involved in it. I recall this being a problem at a previous place I worked at because while some like to talk about their favorite teams, it is unrealistic to expect them to put up a good amount of money every week. That's of course considering they don't win upfront which could also depend on how many are involved in the first place.

But what could be a bigger problem in starting a football pool is not getting money upfront from participants. If a person isn't willing to put his money up when agreeing to take part, then you're likely going to have this problem every week unless you establish the rule first. Otherwise, participants will want to do the same thing which is something that will make you wonder why you started it in the first place.

Also, if you're the one running the league, make sure you pay the weekly winner in a timely fashion. If the winner has to wait to be paid, then you will frustrate everyone else to where they won't play any longer knowing this will happen to them. It is common courtesy that you would want for yourself if you won a weekly bet.

Last but not least, be careful on how you spread the word about your betting pool. I know of some employers that have strict policies on betting of any kind, so you may have to come up with creative ways to get the word out.

Enjoy the betting pool and talk trash with your co-workers which may incline them to play every week especially if your teams are playing one another. The pools can be fun if run correctly with the rules enforced from the start! Enjoy!



Crazy Cnton Cuts said...

hope you make a lil cheddar this year on your pool

Craig Hilles said...

Theres a good online football pool here:

You get your own web page for your pool players.