Two More Tags...The Funk Is Memed?

It has been a day since I posted a blog on here. Well, my very good friend Arnie tagged me again to tell a little bit more about myself. She also was very gracious in handing out another tag to everyone which I'll get to in a little bit. I get memed for this particular tag by her, so because she decided to do that to me rather surprisingly(not!), I'm going to do this 'D Funk style. But before I do, I'll at least be nice enough to post the rules(not that I'm exactly going to follow them though). OK, this is NOT to be taken seriously especially on the quirks.

The Rules:
  1.  List these rules on your blog.
  2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
  3. Tell 7 unspectacular quirks on yours.
  4. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their name as well as links to their blogs.
  5. Link the person who tagged you.
  6. Leave a comment for each blogger.
7- Facts about me: 'D Funk aka The Funk
  1. My nickname is The Funk and I'm serious about health,
  2. But also love video games that involve stealth.
  3. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm a wrestling fan,
  4. Living in Oklahoma as kid is where that all began.
  5. I'm a sports fanatic as well, don't get me wrong,
  6. Of course all my regular readers knew that all along.
  7. North Carolina is the state where I'm living,
  8. And I was born during the weekend of Thanksgiving.
  9. I like to write on my blog just for fun,
  10. I hope this blog moves on up like Sanford & Son
  11. I've learned a lot about myself at places I work,
  12. I'm quite the nice guy and refuse to be an obnoxious jerk.
  13. I'd like to travel the world for a long time before I'm gone,
  14. Well, that's enough facts about me let's move on....
7- Unspectacular Quirks:
  1. I don't watch much television because of the constant negavitity,
  2. I would rather try to write with creative insanity.
  3. I have my own fictional brand of wrestling(BWE) on this site,
  4. While my other writer Paul parades around here like The Dark Knight.
  5. I like blog haters, they think they can put us in tears,
  6. Their blogs aren't all that - I get better competition from Britney Spears!
  7. My friend Maxi comes here and constantly bugs or "blugs",
  8. She's why I have to sedate myself every night on OTC drugs.
  9. Some of you maybe surprised that I don't drink or smoke,
  10. And I can look at you mad and you wouldn't think it's a joke.
  11. I don't really get angry, I just get even,
  12. I blog to try to give you something you can believe in.
  13. I have a crazy side, and I don't mind being a blogger friend.
  14. Thanks for the tag Arnie, and everyone have a good weekend!
Now here are the people I want to pass this tag to:
  1. Paul
  2. Maxi
  3. Lester's Legends
  4. A Frank Angle
  5. Dewa
    And anyone else who wants to try this out.
Hope all of you who read this get a chance to post this on your blog. Everyone is welcome to grab this tag/award, and thank you all for the support and frienship..

The "Let's Be Friends" Award represent:
These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.Now Arnie didn't specifically name anyone to receive this award, but I understand fully what she's trying to do here and will support it. She gave it to anyone, and that's exactly what I'm going to do with it, too.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and please feel free to grab this award and post it on your blog anyway you like. God Bless you all!



maxiVelasco said...

Ahh! you are such a poet! I can't do this in poetry style.

You know that I am such a mess
Can't find even find the right words - more or less!

Geez! 'D! you are killing me with this one. Hmm. exciting still! hehe!

we'll see what's going to be the outcome! Wish me luck!

David Funk said...

Maxi- You don't have to do this in poetry. That's why I said I did this 'D Funk style because that's how post sometimes.

You know it's your blog as to how you want to handle this. It's the thought that counts anyway.

You weren't that bad on your two poetry lines either.

Thanks for commenting my dear friend!

twinks said...

Another side of Mr. D! a poet!
Kudos to your for doing this tag 'D Funk Style. I don't reckon any blogger can beat that! hehehe...

Tag/Meme like this gives a blogger a chance to know other blogger. I like it.

You do tag/meme with a style.
That makes your readers smile.

Keep it up Mr. 'D!
Have a great day Mr. 'D! ^_^

maxiVelasco said...

hehe. thanks thanks! okey. i'll do it the Maxi way - a mess!

thanks 'D!

anyway, i decided to already publish the first four featured followers today. hope the first four (including you) will be happy about it somehow. did not expect the spots to be filled quickly.

again, thanks for the support. you can blugg me anytime! (because i know i can do the same)

David Funk said...

twinks- Just wait until you see Blog Wrestling Entertainment for the first time on here. That's really a crazy side of me. Maxi is already being put in the ring, and I may have to put you in there, too! Thanks for commenting.

Maxi- Yeah, post it the Maxi way. I'll have to look at those ads on your site, and it doesn't bother me when you put them up. It's your idea, and I don't think you'll be getting many complaints about at all. Thanks for commenting and your support, too.

twinks said...

Wow! What an honor to have my name included in the ring Mr. 'D. BWE sounds interesting. I'm a wrestling fanatic too, long years ago..during the prime years of Hulk Hogan...hahahaha..

Thanks for commenting in my blog friend. ^_^

David Funk said...

twinks- Yeah, I'll add you to the roster now. But I mus warn you, blog wrestling actually hurts! LOL!

Paul H said...

The Dark Knight? I prefer the Clown Prince of Crime. Much more fun that way. 8-)

David Funk said...

For some reason, I'm envisioning Cryme Tyme in my head with that comment. :-D

Arnie said...

Hello, thanks for posting this two awards here on ur blog. :-D

tgc. have a good evening.

David Funk said...

No problem Arnie.
But the thanks goes to you.� Without you picking me for this, this entry isn't possible.� You have a good Tuesday!