How Addicted To Blogging Are You?

84%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

I saw this on a post by levian, who is one of my new blogger friends. So since she has a different audience than I do, I decided to post one myself. This is a test to see how addicted you are to blogging, and is in no way a reflection on anyone. This is just for fun. Mine is very high, but I have seen a couple above 90%. Thanks levian for posting this on your page.



maxiVelasco said...

wow! that means that you are near the perfection of being a blog addict! great news. hmm. not sure what result will it be for me. i bet somewhere lower than yours. wanna bet? kidding! no better... hehe. =-X

thanks for letting us know about this, 'D! will surely try it, too.

maxiVelasco said...

by the way... night night blugging friend! :)

Ron said...

Hahahaha! Very interesting!

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David Funk said...

Yes, I'm very close to a perfect blog addict Maxi. Once you take the test, I bet you'll be very close to my number if not above it. One of the questions asks how often you update your blog, and you update yours more than me. As far as the other questions, it's probably a toss up. But we're probably very close on the numbers.

I hope to see your score on it!:)

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David Funk said...

Ron, it is very interesting. Funny how the test was determined, but it was interesting to see the results of it.:)

Recent blog post: Another Award!