BWE Promotions Newsletter - March 13, 2009

Note: This is fictional, and none of this is to be taken seriously. It is about BWE(Blog Wrestling Entertainment) in which bloggers are written into storylines. Some of the opinions expressed here are inside jokes amongst us as well. And yes, the locations and travel are NOT real.

Note: AB means Associated Bloggers

Front Page Headlines

Next Show Location For Throwdown! Announced

High Point, NC(AB)- BWE Promotions has announced that the next Throwdown! show will happen at the Pynk Candy Arena in Kuching, Malaysia. Tickets for the event are sold out, and has already created a buzz in that country.

The owner of the Pynk Candy Arena has had her crew work very diligently in preparing for the wrestling event. The work being done to the Arena has been closed to the public, but BWE Promotions CEO David Funk has said it will have a look like no other.

"It will be different, and that's all I'll say," said Funk. "Just imagine the possibilities."

This event is the second stop on the current Asian Invasion tour. EBW UnCut took place at the ArnieV Civic Center in the Philippines last month. The last stop will be Jakarta Encounter at the Tripzibit Resort in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Originally, Malaysia was an announced location on the tour, and BWE found that the Pynk Candy Arena was capable of holding an event there. The owner of the ground-breaking facility is equally as excited.

"I wasn't sure a big event could be held in Kuching. But it will be fun for a change here!" said owner Sharon Chong.

The date for the event has not been set due to the uncertainty of construction that is on-going. But this has been confirmed by both parties involved.

Philly The Kid Announces Press Conference

Harrisburg, PA(AB)- Birdbrainz, aka Philly The Kid, has told sources close to BWE that he will be holding a press conference next week in his home city.

While it is not known what the conference is about, there is the feeling that Philly The Kid has had some hostility over some of things he's seen in the blogging community.

Philly has yet to make his debut in BWE, but has said that he's eager to show what he brings to the table. He's a real-life friend of CEO David Funk, and signed a contract with the promotion last month.

Details as to what day the press conference will be held is not known, but he has said it will be sometime in the coming week.

Philly was unavailable by phone or email.

BWE Announces Next Pay-For-View

High Point, NC, USA(AB)- BWE Promotions has announced that the next Pay-For-View following No Recovery! will be the second Holiday Combat show.

The date or location has not been officially announced. It is believed it will take place in late December or early January 2010.

The first Holiday Combat event took place in 2007 at Mojomike Stadium in Portland, Oregon in the United States. That event was posted on Sporting News.

The Rage in a Cage will likely be one of the matches on the card for this event. Blogging superstars from both BWE Throwdown! and EBW UnCut will be involved in this event.

BWE Throwdown! News

-Throwdown! GM KDL continues to be disappointed with the on-going investigation by Congress in BWE. Underage bloggers as well as other possible violations are being looked into by Congress. KDL has been GM on the BWE Throwdown! brand since November.

-Rumors are still flying about the identities of the monkey-wearing guys that have attacked bloggers during matches. One of the contacts following this story believes strongly that this group holds a past grudge over instances that took place in another community. But none of the group has been positively identified.

-The Sporting Blog continues to be upset with BWE no longer being viewed on Sporting News. They have made their point clear on several occasions, and have taken it out on bloggers such as on the last Throwdown! The group continues to cause problems with many bloggers.

-BWE Heavyweight Champion Mo Morrissey is now looking forward to facing the Blogger's Rumble winner and undefeated star mojomike for the title at No Recovery! Fragnoli could have been added to the match, but he was counted out against mojomike.

-According to sources, we may be finding out soon what position Afrank Angle is officially campaigning for. The only gold medal winning blogger in BWE history appears to have the resume to get any position.

-Kenny Kumar and the Blue Monkey Disco Party will be in attendance at the upcoming Throwdown! show from Kuching, Malaysia. It is not known as to what and why they are showing up for in their first appearance with the promotion.

BWE Transactions

Philippines(AB)- Tchel, aka Twinks, agreed to a new deal with BWE Promotions. At the urging of her friend Maxi, Twinks quickly signed a deal to join her friend in the promotion. The twinkle-toed blogger is excited to have a deal done.

My opinion: As much as Maxi "blugged" me about her to sign with BWE, twinks has a lot of expectations to live up to. I will say anyone that disrespects her "writing space" would not have made a wise move.

Makati City, Philippines(AB)- DJ Tammy, otherwise known to some of us as the Calendar Blogger, has signed a contract with BWE Promotions. The Pinay star is the latest in a good line from her country to sign on with BWE. The outspoken star is ready to unleash her skills.

My Opinion: If I were any of you, I would watch out for the Calendar Blogger. A deal was compromised where she didn't have to discount her calendars as long as she signed a contract and was given a match of her choosing first. I think her choice is quite obvious.....

High Point, NC(AB)- The Blog Parasite has agreed to a temporary deal with BWE Promotions. According to sources, the deal wasn't a full contract because of her refusal to sign on with a company that she feels doesn't rank well and isn't "linked" to greatness. She apparently wants to be linked to the promotion long enough before deciding to cut them off because of it not being well-searched. It is not known where she lives or where she is from.

My Opinion: Well, I have good news about this. Tammy wouldn't have signed on with BWE if she hadn't have found out about this signing, and now she wants her in the ring. I hope the "Calendar Blogger" literally knocks her into next week!

That's the latest news for BWE Promotions and Throwdown! Thanks for viewing!



Arnie said...

just wanna drop some comment here :-D

Ron said...

Clap! clap! clap! Very impressive David! Very impressive!
:-) Great fun post!

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David Funk said...

Thanks Ron.� We gotta have a little fun once in awhile.� You should have seen the post Maxi made when she was signed!� It was one of the funniest posts I've seen:
I might have to get you signed and in the ring next!� LOL!

David Funk said...

Thanks Arnie.� Always a pleasure when you comment on here.

Ron said...

Sounds like fun David!

Recent blog post: Serendipity

David Funk said...

Blog wrestling does hurt though. I just hope you've stayed in good blog shape! :-D

Recent blog post: BWE Promotions Newsletter - March 13, 2009

Crazy Canton Cuts said...

another classic story

funny stuff

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David Funk said...

Thanks CCC.

maxiVelasco said...

haha! glad to know you liked it! i am really into WWE or is it WWF? gosh gosh.. puzzled.

Ron, sign it! join the fun that 'D created! ;)

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maxiVelasco said...

haha! i am in with twinks! cool! can't wait to work with her. haven't seen her for awhile!

thanks 'D for having me into this one great post again! you are the best! :)

Recent blog post: KettleWorx - Cardio, Core And Resistance Workouts In One

David Funk said...

Of course I liked it. I replied to that entry and was laughing pretty hard at it. Not that I'm biased or anything(hahaha), but that was probably my favorite entry from you. ;)

Recent blog post: First NFL-AFL Common Draft on March 14, 1967

David Funk said...

Yeah, you "blugged" enough about it, so you two better be worth it. That means you better not be slipping up on your training with blogging or wrestling either! :)

Thanks for the kind words as always dear friend. :-D

Recent blog post: First NFL-AFL Common Draft on March 14, 1967

tammy said...

Wah, im late in commenting in this post! I was out of town yesterday. We just got home at 2am this morning. I had fun ready the post!

So, its ok even if there is no discount as long as i sign up for the BWE! Fight Fight Fight!


David Funk said...

It's OK Tammy. I'm glad you caught this entry.

Yeah, you signed on as soon as you found out that the Blog Parasite did the same thing. You just made more money signing a contract, so you don't have to discount your calendars. :-D

Thanks for stopping by dear friend.

Recent blog post: First NFL-AFL Common Draft on March 14, 1967

Frank said...

Glad to hear that my campaign angle has not yet been scooped!

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tammy said...

JS kit is crazy...trying to reply again..hope this will reach u... no more
discounts on the giving away free sketches soon :))

David Funk said...

Sorry about the trouble with the kits.� So far, I haven't had that happen to me yet.
Just make sure that the Blog Parasite doesn't grabl those sketches.� We can't have get a higher ranking making money off it as well as another reason to remove links, too! :-) :-)

David Funk said...

No doubt Frank.� In fact, I think you would petition the person to be terminated if they did that.� That's a serious crime as you know!� LOL!
Thanks for commenting!

tammy said...

Glad its working now..lolz...just hope they wont grab it...the artist was a
bit selfish...he doesnt want to share my sketches :)) i just hope he wont
make it as entry for the erotic sketches exhibit...lolz

David Funk said...

Somewhere(wherever she lives), the Blog Parasite probably just took her shoes off and threw them at her computer screen.� Talk about real jealousy...jeez!� lolz

tammy said...

I wonder why there are people like them.they never came back to my site :))
cant believe this people :)) I was supposed to discuss something with u but
having second thought but it...might not be doable :))

David Funk said...

lolz� Yeah, some people.� I guess a BWE ring will solve the problem with one of them anyway for you!� lolz

Twinks said...

Omg! Now I'm actually asking myself if signing in BWE was a good idea..LOL!
This is one great post Mr. 'D. I must admit, you're giving me some funny feelings in my tummy right now. LOL! I dunno if I can keep up with other "wrestlers" and will live up to the expectations of BWE Productions.


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David Funk said...

Yeah, the bar is set real high for you thanks in part to Maxi and her "blugging" ways.� I do think a championship is in your future if you don't let the pressure get to you. :)