What If? O.J. Simpson's 1975 season

This is my seventh post for the What If? Fantasy Football edition. This is where I look back at a season long before fantasy football became prominent among us in our society as figure how the fantasy numbers would look if the fantasy game existed then. Today, we look back at the 1975 season for Pro Football Hall of Famer O.J. Simpson. I'm using the default scoring systems for Sporting News and Yahoo! to calculate the point totals.

Thanks to Lester Legends for the suggestion of O.J. Simpson's 1975 season

Here's the point scale for SN(default configuration):
60 points for every touchdown
2 points for every rushing, receiving, and punt return yard gained
1 point for every kickoff return yard gained
2 points for every reception
1 point for every passing yard
-10 points for every kickoff return attempt
-45 points for lost fumble and interception
-1 point for incomplete pass

Here's the point scale for Yahoo!(default configuration):
6 points for every rushing, receiving, and return touchdown
4 points for passing touchdown
1 point for every 10 rushing and receiving yards
1 point for every 25 passing yards
2 points for every two-point conversion
-1 point for every interception
-2 points for every fumble
No points are given for receptions or return yardage in the default configuration.

Here are the stats for O.J. Simpson in 1975 and fantasy points for the SN games:
Passing yards: NA
Passing touchdowns: NA
Incomplete passes: NA
Interceptions: NA
Rushing yards: 1817 = 3634 points
Rushing touchdowns: 16 = 960 points
Receptions: 28 = 56 points
Receiving yards: 426 = 852 points
Receiving touchdowns: 7 = 420 points
Fumbles Lost: 6 = -270 points
Total points: 5652 points
Total points per game: 403.71
Note: Teams only played 14 games in 1975.

Here are the stats for O.J. Simpson in 1975 and fantasy points for the Yahoo! game:
Passing yards: NA
Passing touchdowns: NA
Interceptions: NA
Rushing yards: 1817 = 181 points
Rushing touchdowns: 16 = 96 points
Receiving yards: 426 = 42 points
Receiving touchdowns: 7 = 42 points
Fumbles Lost: 6 = -12 points
Total points: 349
Total points per game: 24.93

Statistical source: pro-football reference

We all know what Simpson is known for these days, but this ended up being a great season for him in 1975. He had more all-purpose yards and touchdowns than his 2,000-yard season in 1973 as well as set a career high in receiving yards and touchdowns, too. He rushed for 227 yards against the eventual Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 2, and had four touchdowns against the New England Patriots in Week 10. Simpson had an impressive five year stretch where he rushed for over 1,500 yards in three of those seasons. Though Simpson's reputation is tarnished by most during life after football, he's still a Hall of Fame player that was inducted in 1985.

If anyone wants to suggest a past player, then you can do so in the comments section. The only thing I ask is that the player and year be before 1990 because fantasy football wasn't as prominent then.

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CK0712 said...

that was a kewl write up david & to be honest, ALOT of stuff i did NOT know. however, i see that name & right away i associate it with bad things, sad huh!

Lester's Legends said...

Not to nitpick, but this is your 7th installment. Ha.

Nicely done. Pretty amazing season I'd say.

David Funk said...

Cindy- Yes, I associate bad thing with him like most everyone else, too. Back in the day, he would have been the best pick for fantasy football that year.

Lester- I edited that part. I have the format saved on MS Word and forgot to edit that part. Yeah, averaging over 400 points a game in the SN system would have been awesome in 1975.

Lester's Legends said...

Now, it's perfect. Great job.