What If? 1987 Oklahoma Sooners football

This is my first series of the What If? fantasy college football edition. This is where I look back on past college football seasons for various schools and years long before the fantasy game became prominent in our society. I'm using the Sporting News point system for this in which you're allowed to pick four offenses and defenses under a $50 million cap each week.

SN Point System:
Total yards(passing & rushing): 1 point per yard
Total points scored: 10 points per point scored
Turnovers: -20 points each
Note: No points are awarded against Div-1AA opponents.

Here are the stats and fantasy points for the 1987 Oklahoma Sooners football team:
Note: Stats are figured with and without the bowl game.

With bowl game:
Total yards: 5752(4896 rushing, 856 passing) = 5752 points
Total points scored: 493 = 4930 points
Turnovers: 29 = -580

Without bowl game:
Total yards: 5497(4717 rushing, 780 passing) = 5497 points
Total points scored: 479 = 4790 points
Turnovers: 27 = 540 points

Total points w/bowl game: 10102 points
Total points w/o bowl game: 9747 points
Total points per game w/bowl game: 841.83
Total points per game w/o bowl game: 886.09
Note: Oklahoma played 11 regular season games, and a bowl game.

I picked the 1987 Oklahoma Sooners team as my first look back for a couple of reasons. Obviously the first being that they're my favorite college team. The other was that this was the last full season in which I lived in that state before moving to North Carolina. It was kind of sad because this was when the program spiraled out of control not long after which meant they slipped to an eventual doormat in what became the Big 12 until Bob Stoops came aboard.

Under Hall of Fame coach Barry Switzer, the 1987 Sooners team went undefeated, and averaged 41 points a game during the season. Led by quarterback Charles Thompson, the Sooners wishbone offense caused headaches for opposing defenses during the season. The highlight of the season came when they put up 71 points against Kansas on the road while posting 634 total yards of offense(565 on the ground). The Sooners offense would have had 1304 points on that Halloween afternoon if the SN game existed then. The Sooners ranked No. 1 in the polls for the majority of the season, and met the Miami Hurricanes in the Orange Bowl for the National Title. The Sooners lost 20-14, and then the program slowly fell into a tailspin after that point. It would take over a decade for the program to reach prestige again under the direction of Bob Stoops.

You can request a look back on a school in the comments section. I only ask that the year be before 2000. Also, college season stats are tougher to find, so any help in locating them for the school and year you select would be helpful.

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