My Squidoo Pages & Other News

I'm gonna spend this post talking about It's a different than anything you've ever seen if you don't have an account with them. It isn't another blog site, but rather, a place to create what they call a lens for anything you want to talk about. What's even better is that you can promote your blog on there, but it's not limited to just that. And best of all, it's free to setup as well as fairly simple to understand, too.

You can create one(or more) lens in which you can sell items from sites like eBay and Amazon. Google ads are automatically included on your page, and can't be removed. You can earn revenue from having items in your lens clicked on as well as earn 50 percent of the sale on the item that was clicked and bought on your page!

If you have a Twitter account, you can add that to your lens which updates automatically on there when you update your Twitter.

Your lens ranking is reflective of several factors including: updating your lens, star rating, page look, topic, page views, etc. Like other sites, the higher your ranking, the more visible it becomes on there which means more traffic for you and/or your site(s). And again, there's no limit how many you can make either.

Here's my lenses you can check to see what they look like if you haven't yet:

Fantasy Sports Depot: This is my lens for this site.
Blog Wrestling Entertainment: This lens is for my BWE site that I just created. I'll likely create more later.

Here's a couple of my friend's lens on Squidoo:
Lester's Legends: This is Lester's lens.
MoonDogSports: MoonDog's lens.
Sports Through a Woman's Eyes: This is soadrules1313 from SN or Encyclopedia Soadica as named for her blogger site.

As you can see, all of us have different-looking lens and ideas that we want to talk about or promote. It's limitless what you can talk about.

I'll be back to talk about another entry on here tomorrow.

If those are interested in creating a Squidoo page, then click here.



CK0712 said...

awesome David, best of luck with the newest addition to your sites!!